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ok i have a lot of people who wish to purchase my flies and to be honest i send a lot of emails and messages out to folks so thought it would be easier to have a dedicated page for it so here we go

( i will be adding new patterns so check back) 

all my flies are hand tied by me and i do not farm out to African mud hut fly tiers that fall apart after a couple of fish 

you have the following options 

1- single pike flies: ( priced per fly 1 standard fly @ up to 7 inchs is £4.00)

colors all 7 inchs long

please also check page 2 for more individual flies with size options  

2 - bespoke single flies: (these are hand blended materials are are complete one offs priced per fly @ £5:50 up to 10 inchs long )

"when ordering bespoke flies please just add the colors and eye color for each fly in the comments box or mail me direct "

bespoke design
3- predator pack : predator pack is the best value at £25:00 for somebody who is not sure what to purchase , this pack contains 6 standard flies with patterns consisting of standard baitfish patterns and attractors , these will be in various colors of roach , perch , and flashy patterns , this pack is a constant catcher for customers  and come in at 6 to 7 inchs long and are designed for 9 wgt rods are will work on all waters . below is a few examples of the packs i have done .

to purchase  predator pack 3 click on the buy  now below 


4 - pike packs: these are very popular great for people who are starting out pike fly fishing these packs contain standard pike flies like the picture below although fly choice may vary and i can do these packs to match the baitfish in your area pike packs are £20:00 for 5 standard flies you can spend as much as you wish on packs just mail me for details , tell me how much you want to spend and ill do you a matching pack to your budget  .

choose your pike pack

this pack was a standard pack with the addition of 2 smaller flies for the client this pack cost was £50:00 these flies were over 8 inchs and still less than £5:00 per fly

5- bespoke pike packs - these flies are all custom blended materials by myself using on the the very best of materials and hooks these are the best pike flies money can buy , bespoke packs start at £30:00 per pack of 5 flies  . anglers ordering bespoke packs normally have an idea of the color ranges they wish to include to match the local baitfish , if unsure please mail me im happy to help get the right flies for your waters . or place your color selection in the comments box

bespoke packs

i can also tye overseas fly fishing i have fished all over the world and can confidently tie for any species with teeth , i can also tye for uk saltwater fly fishing just mail me your requirements .

sorry i dont set the postage rates but i try to suck up some of the cost 

1st class recorded delivery (as standard) uk £1:75  
1st class airmail recorded europe / usa/ canada /rest of the world (as standard) £4:50

orders over £50:00 are post free 
i aim to dispatch within 7 days 

"if your not sure how to order i can mail you an invoice via paypal or if you have specific questions" or you wish to order bespoke patterns please mail me 

many thanks 
oh and how do my flies look in the water and fish so well well check it out 

testimonials from clients  
(please remember not everybody wants to share pics)

all pictures are fish caught by clients on my flies and are shared with permission 

Genuine guy, great flies. He's a great man for advice on pike and perch anyway

Frances o hare with a lovely Irish pike 
A lot of flies I've bought off the net have been of poor quality. The one guy I can, and would recommend to anyone is Dave Lindsay (aka McFluffchucker). His flies are of an excellent quality, excellent price and they catch fish.
They look absolutely awesome. 
Big thanks to Dave Lindsay, first troll with some of his bespoke tied trolling flies requested by myself. Within the first 10 minutes i had 2 real hard slams, i upped the speed a touch and here in lies the trophy. 
Next batch ordered 😀. I simply put a few ideas his way, he managed a design that ticked all the boxes, thanks again Dave.


They look like works of art mate, they really do. (they look so good, I might not even get them wet!!!)

Tweaks completed........
Resulted in 10lb 6oz ferox when the normal gear was just not working....fantastic!

brian - highland guided fishing 

A nice scottish double on a Dave Mcfluffchuckerfly!!

my personal best perch 4lbs thanks to one of daves down and dirty minnows

ernie firth (staffordshire) 


Steven from the oaks fishery in Ireland with a cracker on a bespoke fly

even rainbow trout or a stonking pollock from stevie below 

amos with a nice carp on a sparkly fly

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