Here at Pike Bite we specialise in Guided Lure and Fly fishing for Pike. The lure fishing is adopted from North American Bass style fishing that we have changed to suit pike.
The action on the lure is fast and furious on short easy to handle Bass Rods. if you are new to fishing or an old hand you will be surprised at how hard these fish fight so hold on.
Pike fly fishing is a very exciting form of fishing as it tends to be very visual. You can see the fish chase and take the fly sometimes right beside the boat.
The fishing is all done from boats. All life jackets and fishing tackle,lures,flies etc are provided free of charge.


Steven has worked in the sport fishing industry for over 35 years. His family had their own fish farm where he worked rearing and transporting fish all over Scotland for restocking in lochs and rivers. His first love however is the husbandry and management of the loch and all the fish species there in.
Many people do guided fishing however to have someone who has worked on a loch for that amount of time is invaluable and will make for a great day out on the water. Steven knows every inch of Portmore and has perfected his craft and the methods he uses to catch fish over years fishing the loch.


George has fished the loch for as long as I can remember. He is one of life’s gentlemen, quiet and unassuming. When he offers advice you would be foolish not to listen to it.
George will do his best to ensure you have a great time out on the loch.


Hugh has fished since he was a boy and has been guiding on and off for the last 20 years. He has caught most species from Salmon, Perch, Pike, Brown and Rainbow trout.
He is a guide who knows his stuff and is very familiar with Portmore Loch, he will do his utmost to make sure you have a great day on the water.
Hugh’s best pike from the Loch is a 25lb pike.

Great bit of sport set in an ideal countryside. Glad I finally went out and done it. Cheers Steven
I’ve fished for trout since I was 5 years old and salmon since late teens. However, the pike fishing at Portmore is about as exciting as it gets! When the fish are ‘on’ the sport is relentless, seriously! I’ve fished there for several years now for pike, both on the fly and with short bait casting rods, jig head rubbers mounted on barbless single hooks. It is a pretty simple approach and very hands on. Visually exciting and with Polaroids you will see a lot of fish chasing the bait right to the boat, often taking it a few feet away! Right now the fight from the fish is incredible with the water warming up and they are very acrobatic with spectacular jumps and strong runs. Every-one who has experienced this sport has said they couldn’t wait to come back. Its addictive!
When it comes to top fly sport Portmore is beyond excellence, the fish fight as hard as any fish ive caught around the world, fit, hard fighting and just dont stop going… when the place is on its on fish after fish after fish, the guides at Portmore really know their stuff as well, and the lodge is the perfect place to unwind… if you want great fishing and great craic then Portmore is the place to do it. There’s also some great perch fishing to be had as well.
First class fishing it doesn’t get better than this. I have fished for pike all over the UK and these are the hardest fighting fish I have come a cross..and plenty of them too.
I was up at portmore about 3weeks ago through a recommendation. And I wasn’t disappointed. Stevie was an excellent guide and took me to all the places most would keep to themselves. Between us we had fish ranging from 6 lbs to 15 lbs. The best 3 hours pike fishing I’ve had in a long time and so well worth the money. Thanks and best wishes Stevie.
Best pike fishing Iv ever done,what a cracking place,they fight harder than any Iv caught before and none stop very very exciting fishing!
Have fished since a laddie all over the Uk and abroad and this has to be one of the best experiences ever, great fishing, great atmosphere, and stories to rival Roald Dahl, a great day out!
This is one of the best days fishing I have ever had if you have ever held a road in your hand you must give this a go!

for stunning fish in a stunning location look no further , probably the best pike fly sport ive ever had ........dave mcfluffchucker

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