Tuesday, 5 May 2020

tye a simple baitfish with dyckers fibre


post has been very slow from overseas due to the current worldwide situation so have been delighted to get my package from www.dyckers.com yesterday

so here is a very easy way to use there brilliant soft fibres 

thanks for watching and stay safe folks 

(a cave in scotland)

Wednesday, 29 April 2020



hi folks i have now joined the ranks of vloggers so hopefully when the lock-down is over there will be lots of fishing vlogs and general shenanigans with my buddy's and maybe some chats with anglers while im out
besides that i shall be using the vlog to review products i come across  (im affiliated to nobody ) so you'll get an honest unbiased opinion this will include website i order from and ebay etc

so i hope you will enjoy this journey with me  
out of a cave in scotand


Friday, 3 April 2020

lockdown blues and other stories

so the world is in lockdown with this virus , it is indeed an awful time for people and indeed here in Edinburgh the city is resembling a zombie movie set , empty streets no traffic , its actually really quite strange days .
im actually off work just now with a knee injury so pretty much im in forced isolation , although being classed as a critical  i would have been going in to work .but please wherever you are keep your familys safe and only go out for meds or food .

but you know there is a flip side to this we as anglers love to be waterside , its what we do , the government has said we can go out and exercise  for an hour as long as we keep a distance between other people but we cant fish .but here is the thing we always keep a distance when fishing  we go out to isolated places a lot of the time i really dont understand the difference to be honest but hey you know thats just my thoughts , guess we all have to abide by the rules .

but wherever you are stay safe folks and avoid public places and mass gatherings , nothing is going to stop it but we can slow it down .


although not fishing just now ive been productive in other ways in the cave , i still have a few orders to get out although obviously flies have slowed down a lot , which is understandable in the current situation , nobody is getting out , even my local angling centre has closed its doors  i just really hope those guys are getting some form of wages as we still have bill to pay .

so cave life and website life continue 

ive started to manufacture my own fluro leaders for predator fly fishing these come in 3 different lengths and are bomb proof and made with the very best 100lb Japaneses fluro carbon and are a loop to loop system for easy changing over , ive also been requested to do full leaders for predator fly fishing these will be on site shortly the leaders you can find on the website here 


also due to the popularity of the casting flies ive now made a little attachment to use with them , rather than write it all out ive done a wee video , you can find them on the website in loads of different combos of beads under the short video below.

and on the website to purchase here 

the proof is in the catching 

just before the lockdown irish customer gary martin caught this beast of a pike on one of my claymore perch , an absolute well done on this , stunning looking fish 

the claymore perch has always been a good seller and takes a fair amount of fish over the season bot running and still water 

find it here 


a lot of tying has been going on lately , i love dyckers fibres and i really like the flies edwin from dyckers makes so had to do some for my own boxes , interesting that edwin hasn't used flash in his flies for a couple of years now and he is still catching some fantastic fish makes you think a bit .

been also sorting some boxes for my ventures into perch fishing on the canal i actually tye way to many flies 

days of from work have been spent tying and stocking up my man in holland 

if your in Europe my stuff is available from 

also been working on a deluxe fly box which have turned out really good

the rise of the blade 

i think the biggest difference between anglers here and in the usa is the fact that your either a fly guy or a gear guy (gear being lures) from what ive seen although some do both . here in the uk we tend to do all sorts and mix and match methods .

i mean in the uk look at the rise in popularity of  lrf  fishing in the angling world and indeed a great method for catching a whole heap of mini species as well as getting some great sport from perch and smaller fish when bigger fish are getting harder to find and hell yea why not .

so i thought about my younger days and remember when the river bailiff wasn't watching we would take our worm hooks off and put on the holy of holys a mepps agila , which basically was a mepps lure with a bit of fluff tied on the treble , but christ we had some fish on those things including a ton of big grayling happy days .

so i came up with the idea of this lure quite a few years ago as i say in the video and it was used to great effect , ive only just recently got round to starting to commercially make them for pike on the strength of stevies catches 

there on the website now and of course i can bespoke to your custom builds if needed so check em out on the website here and of course ill be adding more shortly including a range for perch 

below is a few of the patterns im doing at the moment 

have to say im really looking forward to using these when we can get back out on the water 


the hotcore first made an appearance around 8 years ago  when i was just messing around on the vice , the idea is to have a very sparsely tied fly that was almost translucent but had a core of dense flash as a strike point. there is a video on youtube if you want to check it out 

the white and raspberry has always been a favourite and look fantastic in the water , the white and red is always another go to fly 

i have of late been adding other colours but of course need to get out on the bank to try them , ive also made these into spinning lures aswell and have no doubt of there success  


so as you may be aware although i cant leave the house just now and not because of the virus as i stated earlier and with sales tailing of due to folks not fishing (understandable)  ive had time to play with some new patterns now i have all my orders done and posted

a rhubarb and custard pike fly with some red flash i kinda like this and my play is to make some more but on longshank hooks so i can use them with cherub weights and chase the wrasse on mu local if we are ever allowed out again.
the great thing about these is you can just use them as flies or with Texas or Carolina rigs and lure fish em ,another weapon in the armoury for chasing tricky predators 

yet another variation on a roach pattern i guess you can never have enough standard baitfish patterns this is 9 inchs and on a 6/0 like this a lot as well .

so whats happening next , well i have a few ideas including doing some video blogs so i can basically blog more often as sometimes my work life does not allow for a great deal of free time so maybe this way i can post more content .

  •  making another video tommorow as ive just finally found the most amazing bucktail at last .
  • dubbing brush small flies for smaller waters 
  • plans for the year ahead
  • another fly tying video , ill be tying with natural materials 
  • website updates
  • flurocarbon leaders my thoughts and views 
  • and hopefully ill be answering a few questions from readers as well if threes enough interest

so wherever you are please stay safe see ya all soon 

mcfluffchucker a cave in Scotland 

Saturday, 28 December 2019




ive mentioned a lot lately about with dyckers fibre , the stuff is really amazing and has outclassed the traditional EP fibre in my tying of large lightweight flies and a lot cheaper and more in a pack if you want to check them out then the link is here https://www.dyckers.com/product-category/shop-tying/dyckersfibers/  

i have been requested to a photo step by step so here it is , feel free to share to any forums or websites 

for this tye im using white  for the body and olive for the back , pretty much a classic colouration 

the hook is a 6/0 czt which if you want to purchase you can find here czt predator hook my reason for using this type of hook is that your not actually using a lot of material on the actual fly is very mobile in the water and also you spend less time untangling fibres as happens in j hooks sometimes , this hook has the same amount of hook ups as other hooks and i fish it with confidence .

using mono thread i tye a few starter wraps finishing in line with the hookpoint  i also add a little varnish on the wraps to secure in place 

with dyckers as in other fibres less is always more and this about the size you need , take enough so you can still see your hand through it 

with your thumb and forefinger pull on the ends so you form a taper , this makes a nice transition from the body to the tail 

tye half of the fibre out to the back and half towards the front of the hook eye  

take your front piece and fold underneath splitting equal amounts on each side of the hook , this is where the tapering you did takes effect in starting to create a profile shape 

repeat the first steps on your next piece , this is tyed in just above your first tye 

once whipped down add a touch of varnish to secure 

with your next piece take a full length of fibre and fold in half and the cut it , keep both pieces together and give it a slight taper by pulling the ends , not too much and have half toward the back and half towards the front   

tye in right in front of your last tye and fold the front part back underneath the the hook shank , by doing this you get a great body profile 

next take a length of dykers and cut in half and give yourself a long taper by pulling the ends a few inchs out , tye in so half is towards the back and half towards the front , then fold under and whip down and apply varnish you can see a nice profile starting to happen  

next we add some flash , in this case i use gold Angelina fibre which is pretty much the same as angel hair but cheaper , so take a small clump straight from the packet , no adjustments needed 

again tye in half to the back and half to the front and add a touch of varnish with the tip of a dubbing needle on the whipping to secure then the front section folds under the the hook shank and whip down

next we take some chartreuse Angelina fibre as much or as little as you like , i tend not to use lots using the old adage , less is more  

as with the gold flash half in the back and half in the front and add a touch of varnish to secure

fold back and on the top only and secure 

now we take a full length of  thin olive and lay along the back again with a slight taper by pulling the ends , the end result on this is to have about a quarter of the tapered fibre out the front   

after folding back tye off 

next mix up some five min epoxy (if your doing a few then use 30 min epoxy , i find i can do 5 flies with 5 min before its to solid to use 

with your dubbing needle work the epoxy into the fibre on both sides , i also add a little to your finished whipping to make it bomb proof 

 add your chosen eyes (12mm in this case) and apply a little pressure to force the epoxy through the fibre and to make sure epoxy covers the back of the eye 

and there you have it a fine looking pike snack , of course you can use whatever colours you like this is just a standard way of tying a a great baitfish pattern 

again please feel free to share but please drop me a note as to where its being used , contact details are at the top left of the blog 

(a cave in scotland)

Friday, 20 December 2019

end of the year post


so that time of year when ill say to everyone "have a cool yule" and enjoy time with your family and loved ones or friends or whoever you celebrate with , i will be working a night shift on Christmas night  but thats part of my job  i have to do either that or new year so it was my turn to pull the Christmas night shift but on the plus side i can have a dinner with my mrs before i go .

but you know wherever you are in the world and you celebrate the festival id ask to maybe have a look around your neighbourhood for somebody who has no family and will be on there own and see if they would like a Christmas dinner dropping round , i mean we all cook way too much anyway , just do one good deed , you'll be making somebody's day  ive done it the last few years , takes a few mins of your day .......spread the love.

so ive had a really busy year on the fly front and not really done much else between work and tying flies , but it was nice to catch up with brother ken "pikepicker" over in vermont  and as usual when he video called he was on the toilet but i have no idea what the screen shot of our conversation shows , i dread to think .

so during our conversation we got to talking about bucktail , ken is the master of bucktails and makes some very cool flies , to be honest i struggle finding decent bucktail in the uk , i used to buy it from orvis in Edinburgh but there really isnt as much of a choice colour wise but it was prime northern bucktail which was awesome stuff but kinda not worth going there anymore since john left , the fly tying side is pretty awful and overpriced .

so i was telling ken about an experience i had buying veinyards (which can be sporadic length wise) but the next best thing , so i bout 4 whole tails from a company i have bought from before , and when they arrived i was actually dubious that they were in fact veinyards  as they were in a clear bag with a lazer jet printed label , so i asked if these were genuine bucktails and was told they were , but that was a bit of a white lie .

i contacted veinyards and sent pictures of the tails and packaging and what they told me was that they were actually seconds and not there top grade as is usual in the yellow package , these were bagged up and sold cheaply and should not have had there name on .

when presented with these facts the seller said just send them back , really just send them back , they just didnt give a toss really , i mean by all means sell them but dont pull the wool over our eyes by making out they are top grade .

i mean yea ok you can still use them but i only use the best materials for my flies i can get so i was really hacked off about this .

i urgently needed some good long fiber bucktail so again turned to online and found a store actually not far from me mabey an hour or so south that did it so i thought id give them a try and to be honest they were ok probably the same quality as hareline but i thought it was a tad expensive at £7:25( around $10:00 us) plus postage so not the cheapest but the service was good here is the link 
http://vflyfishing.com the same bucktails from casters fly shop in the states casters fly shop is £5.37 ($7.25) so a bit of a difference but by the time i was to add postage it would probably be the same if not more (dave at casters has said around £10:00 uk) so that would actually work out around the same as uk prices but superior tails if you can wait then worth it , unfortunately i need stuff within a few days if i get an order in and i havent got a colour  

but quite simply the american have far superior bucktail than us in   

so brother ken actually sources his own tails and superior lengths and having tied with them while i was over i can say they are really awesome tails so i may come home with a load next time im over lol

playing with dyckers 

ok so i had a delivery of my favourite go to fibre in the form of dyckers fiber  , again i know i go on a lot about this fibre but i know no longer use ep fiber at all and for these types of synthetics i on use dyckers (no im not sponsored i just love the stuff)  so when i get a delivery im really like a kid in a sweetshop 

at the moment im tying a lot of these in kinda one colour (with flash nixed in) the reason being is that these are what i call a uni fly because they can be used not only on a fly rod but also on lure gear , if using fixed spool  reels these can be flicked out a fair distance and also on light baitcasting gear they are great for canals and close work or used with cherabuska weights they are great for distance work and  can be worked very slow along the bottom , a great all-round fly 

another uni fly this time a classic white pattern with a pearl flash blended in  and a hard eye , these eyes are particularly for this fly when fishing fixed spools as there is just enough weight for a good flick , this is a firm favourite for canals   

the other thing with dyckers fibres is they take permanent markers very well  , the fly above started life as pure white , so let your imagination run riot , you dont need to have gone to art school to make great looking flies . 

another dyckers fibre fly this time in rainbow trout colours , to be honest all you really need is 3 colours for a basic one but if you want to be really fancy you can add green an purple as well but this is a staple colour that works well  

i love messing around with brown trout patterns , this coloration i go from a picture of a highland loch brown trout , but there are many variations with browns so just have fun and go with it , always worth looking at pictures of baitfish from your local to match the hatch so to speak .

a standard type baitfish tyed on a 4/0 nice pattern that will catch anywhere really in fresh or saltwater , the way this is trimmed gives a really nice small baitfish look and dosnt lose the profile when fished 

just last week i discovered some fantastic 3d hard eyes so managed to make a quick one in between orders , i have a load of different colours in these eyes so when i get time ill tye a load up , i particularly like some green and black ones i also received so looking forward to using them , watch this space so to speak   

a dodgy close up , sorry im no david bailey but you get the idea 

au natural 

i just love tying up flies in natural materials and i always think that natural flies have an advantage over synthetics in fishing (i may be wrong ) but the way they move in the water and how they profile when wet is completely different to synthetics you may beg to differ but hey i like tying them and fishing them.

i was lucky enough the other week to score a load of really nice icelandic sheephair from a seller actually in iceland , it was actually a really great price as well , i know traditionally icelandic sheep hair is used for salmon tube flies but in recent years pike tiers have taken it onboard for pike flies , the great thing about sheep hair is how it tapers .

it literally has a thick end and a thin end which if you dont thin out the thick end you get a really nice profile fly and actually looks great and mobile in the water , if you havent tried it yet then give it a go

again the only down side is usually price , ok if your tying for yourself but not great if your tying 10 at a time , but they look great and awesome to fish , although can be a little weighty when wet but not quite like chucking an old wet sock about . 

a basic roach pattern using icelandic sheep hair with the addition of a grizzled feather on each side , not sure why the fish like that but they do and in the past this has caught a fair few fish , great pattern  , yea i like natural flies 

above is not a natural but was just looking as colours in my materials box and these were actually sitting next to each other and i though hmmmmmm that looks cool so the end result is above , kinda like that .

trend setting

flies flies flies , you know theres so many pike fly patterns out there and theirs new patterns hitting the web seems like every week you see the next must have fly and company's getting there little Africans furiously tying them up to get them into shops .

its funny how the flavour of the week must have fly soon becomes relegated to the bottom of the fly box never to be seen again  

we had the bunny bug  then dan blantons flashtail whistler is one of those (famously nicked by a well know company without a nod to the original designer) everybody wanted it , then there was big clouser minnows , seaducers , leftys decivers , game changers and now we have great big flies with tails .
thing is these flies are probably the only flies youll ever need in a box and youll always catch fish on them but i really think we are over complicating our fly fishing for no other reason than to be seen with the latest must have , none of those flies will catch you more than other flies , the trick is to get a fly past a fish and if its not on , then annoy it enough to strike . 

but you know i have thousands of flies in my boxes but only ever really fish half a dozen patterns in various colours , but its the angler in us that actually makes us want to have an edge and give a pike something they haven't seen but hey i dont think thats going to change soon .

its quite funny but somebody somewhere is going to catch a hog on a bunny bug and will have anglers delving into there boxes to find the bunnys they bought in 1997 .

trends are trends though and its all good fun and i enjoy making them 

upcoming trends
as you know i tye a lot of flies and do a lot of bespoke orders and some folks like really big flies 12 inchs plus , ive worked hard on making massive flies as lightweight as possible . but some folks like small flies up to 4 or five inchs and do really well on them .

one trend i have seen is for flies without flash and the flies without flash catch just as much as sparkly flies but there is defiantly a move to more plain more movement flies  but you know everything has its place and ultimately if your confident in what your fishing then thats half the battle , ultimately get it past em   

delivery incoming

lots of new flies are arriving at http://www.1000vliegen.nl/ this week if the post behaves , so please if your in holland please go check em out and support local business , 

these flies will sell fast so make sure you get over there 

weighted head bunny bug these flies catch a ton of fish and are made with the finest zonker strips for maximum movement

my fastest selling fly for the second half of the year , the raspberry back baitfish is quite simply awesome , get em while you can 

jig flies are becoming popular especially with the lrf fishers so im currently working on a range that will be live on my website https://www.spanglefish.com/mcfluffchuckerflies/ in January , ive been asked quite a few times to do this so there will be a full range including lead head jigs of all sizes from small trout patterns right through to pike ,zander and musky patterns anticipating the end of January for this but ill let folks know via my social media platforms when there up and live 

big big big bigger

there is currently a trend for massive flies and again have been requested to do a range for the website , most of these flies are quite expensive due to being labour intensive and are tied to order but my price will be a lot cheaper than you can currently get them (shops in the states are selling these at £30:00 a fly) mine will be a lot cheaper but without scrimping on quality stay tuned , these things are are awesome , if you wish to pre order these please mail me with sizes and colours 

order out

another order heading to Ireland , these are doing really well over there with some great catches , i guess the proof is in the eating , just hope these get there before Christmas so he can get out for a few hours to work off the turkey

have a great one friends and ill see you all in january with lots of new tying videos  for my youtube channel and general snotrocket sexyness 

(a cave in scotland)