Monday, 6 March 2017

dyckers fly shop Holland


OK so those that know me will know i fly free these days and not part of any teams etc etc etc so i can bring you unbiased reviews of stuff i purchase so the story behind my latest purchase is this .

i was looking through my fly boxes and released that i was getting seriously low on one of my go too patterns so as i had a day off work in a few days i decided to quickly nip online and pick up some orange and yellow ep fiber which if i purchased online i would have in time for my days off and fill my boxes with the patterns i needed .

so i went hunting and for the life of me i could not find a decent uk stock of ep fiber in the colors i wanted and to be honest it wasn't weird colors or anything , i was actually shocked at the lack of the stuff from uk suppliers (i know for the united states its a lot easier to get ) so i had sit back and then i remembered dyckers so i headed off over to the site and oh joy absolutely tons of the stuff in every color i could want. 

i had a look for what i needed and placed in the basket (the prices are in euros but you can easily work it out with the aid of google converter) and placed my order very very easy they do direct bank payment or paypal

so i sat back and waited (well i actually went to work) and i was absolutely delighted that it arrived within less than a week , now i know some uk online store that take the same if not longer for stuff to arrive so i was pleasantly surprised .

 oh go on then 
i went back on a few days later as i had fly pattern brain my fiance walked past and looked at me drooling at these at these colors and said "what is wrong with you cant you look at porn on the internet like ordinary blokes " bless her little cottons :-)

so i placed another order and again was delighted to receive in less than a week again and i was able to get some favorites tied up for this years, fishing result below 

dyckers dont just sell ep fiber , far from it they sell a wide range of materials from different manufactures and names you would of heard before including sf fiber which you can see below on there racks , again the thing i love about this is that when i used to shop at orvis i would be stuck with 4 or 5 colors im fairly impressed with there range below  

the i love about these guys is that its pretty much a one stop shop for the predator fly angler and the prices including delivery to the uk aint really that much different from uk sellers or even ebay or amazon and you know they have some pretty cool stuff for the saltwater fly tier as well and a great range of shrimp brushes from ep which again ive struggled to get in the uk . 

some may ask why ep all of a sudden , well actually its not , i have a range of flies in different materials  that do different things , look different in the water etc its quite simply up to now ive not been able to find a good consistent supplier for my needs and my customers , so thanks to dyckers my ep flies are right back on the menu. 

dyckers also do a full range of rods reels and loads of tackle, hooks , clothing etc so head on over and give them your support the website is very user friendly and easy to navigate and tons to look at, i know i will be back fairly often thanks guys fantastic service .

all contact details for dykers are below or click the logo in the side menu on the blog 

 dyckers website

Thursday, 2 February 2017


piketrek/ edinburgh angling center /and other stories 

well good evening morning or afternoon depending where in this vast fish tank you are currently playing with your flies or chucking your fluff . i am still in my mancave with my lovey woman enjoying all the delights that living by the sea can offer in winter well bracing walks thats for one thing . 

in fact i dont actually mind the bracing winter walks and actually its only today (27th of jan) that ive actually really noticed the icy conditions but its quite cool if the sea hasnt been blowing for a few days and goes crystal clear so great for fish spotting for future info , ive actually got a week of work this week and im going to settle in to some prolonged fly tying for my own boxes for the up coming conclave up a mountain chasing highland snotrockets with the wildloch chaps 

 so with my impending trip looming i needed to order some specific bits of fibre for some flies i need for this trip so it was over to  my go to website for all things pike related fly tying and of course home to the bloody amazing pikesaber fly rod

have a look at the piketrek website and youll find that it pretty much covers all the materials you could ever want for tying predator flies ive included some screen shots below  

another thing i love about piketrek is there is no crap about them , ive had the pleasure to meet greg a few times and fished with him and his no nonsense attitude is a breath of fresh air calls a spade a spade and thats it and indeed this flows over into his website and the products on there, quite simply he dosnt stock garbage , in fact i remember seeing his fly lines at a bargain price and at the time i needed some fast sink lines i could chop up for sinking heads and i thought at that price i couldn't go wrong really , but when i got the line i was impressed with the quality and in fact it was so good i actually kept it as my main sinking line and its still going strong with no signs of ware at all after 5 years , so please if your looking for a line check em out you wont be disappointed dont pay over inflated prices for a name in fact this line has out lived a line i paid £60 pounds for and that speaks volumes , anyway when i need to change lines i use piketrek now dogs bollocks fly lines for pike end off 

the site not only does a very wide range of great materials but it also  has some off the wall stuff that you may not find on other sites and unlike other sites piketrek are exactly that geared towards the pikeangler and thats one of the things i love about them actually going through the materials side on there im constantly thinking of things i can do with the stuff on there , one thing they excel at is material for games changers in there gatso fibre , this is the best ive found out there for these flies with the fibre itself being  just about the perfect size no trimming needed .

so i chose the bits i needed and placed the order and was directed over to the pay site again all very easy to do for a technophobe like me and boom 2 days later my stuff was here (i ordered in the evening and the post office was shut if id ordered earlier im sure delivery would have been a lot quicker) so really no complaints there and cheers for the fast service which is oh so important in this day and age 


i may have mentioned before that they have the pikesaber on special offer just now so get on over and pick up one of the finest rods for pike out there at a bargain price link below 


with very little time last week to tye due to work shifts i did manage to get a few out for my own box above is a big deceiver type fly of 9 inchs using big solid eyes , i love working with natural materials and it was after a brief call with my self proclaimed brother from another mother and all round top guy and predator nut from vermont ken capsey that got me fully fired up with big ol naturals  

im constantly amazed at the results brother ken has with his flies and i love some of his out there designs in bucktail and feather and his flies catch a lot of fish , brother ken aint on facebook but you can check his stuff out Instagram look for ken capsey or #wetsockflyfishing gotta love the redneck

so thought id better start doing some more videos as i get asked quite a lot to demonstrate stuff so above is a short video tying with superhair , ok so i failed at the end when i ran out of memory but you get the idea and the end is just me sticking a couple of eyes on so yea i was trying out the i phone for quality and although pretty good i think ill maybe stick to my normal camera for tying videos but whatever ill be doing some more videos so anything you wanna see done please mail me 

above is a deciver type fly just for the hell of it and haven't done one for a while 


so Edinburgh angling center has been open for a few months now and ive ventured in a few times looking for bits and bobs that i needed and to be fair its a great shop and you can spend many hours walking around as we do as anglers picking stuff up and putting stuff down again and wondering how on earth i can get various rods reels , fly boxes , etc into the house without being seen by the good woman (not that she minds) to be fair 


the last time i was in in i was kinda underwhelmed with the tying section i mean dont get me wrong there was lots of the normal type tying stuff for the trout fisher but and this is my biggest criticism is that it dosnt really cater for the predator or saltwater tier , now i fully understand that you cant have everything in stock but the fact that i have been to the mothership "glasgow angling center"and i was able to pick up what i call standards in tying like DNA fiber and E.P fiber,  Edinburgh has neither of these and i was disappointed as i really needed some ep fiber for an order and i thought after seeing the stock in Glasgow id be able to get it no problem .

to be fair the staff were awesome and said that they could get it for me in a few days if i wanted to order it but i really wanted it there and then so pretty much walked out the store and ordered it online for delivery in the same timescale and price which is a shame as i really wanted to get it of the shelf , after talking to a member of staff (very helpful)  who said they were getting a load of new stuff in so im hopefull my next visit will be better , i did however pick up a few bits which was a bonus 

never get enough flashy stuff and Edinburgh angling center does have a good selection of flashy stuff and i can never get enough of that and im pleased i can walk in and get flashabou of the shelf though and can you imagine walking out of a tackle shop without buying anything , so look forward to many more trips there and well it is only 5 mins from my house .

(oh and a few reels)

thousands of the things , they have a really nice selection of rods and i enjoined picking a few up but then im a pikesaber convert so wouldn't ever see me replacing it  but if i was in the market for a lighter rod then im 99% sure i would get what i need here as they have a really good range 

likewise the reel section, they have an amazing selection of reels and whats really nice is to actually pick stuff up and have a close look , i mean we all through the medium of the internet , be it facebook twitter or instagram or just webisites we see these amazing fly reels which is great and great to look at but looking at pictures is still not the sames as having it in your hand and thats why i love going into shops and have an unhealthy obsession with picking things up and looking at them , i spend way to many hours doing that shit and the great thing is that you dont feel pressured in the store because the guys that work there are also anglers so they know what its like .

vice behind glass

some nice vices in there as well (i must resist the urge) everytime i go in i get drawn to this section and one day i swear im going to walk out with one (paid for obviously) i had a chat with one of the staff first time i went in while i was staring at this display , i think he was just checking i was ok as i may have been standing there staring with my mouth open for a while but nice selection

for the fly angler it has to be said they do have a great selection of gear and its one place i will shop if i need any hardware and with all the normal brands you would expect .

so you know despite my reservations at the lack of predator fly tying stuff  the Edinburgh angling center gets a massive thumbs up from me the staff are absolutely brilliant and more than helpful the few times i have been in and even if your not a fly fisher the range of lure fishing stuff is wallet emptying scary i thank god i dont do that lure fishing thing anymore , there is also a great clothing section and a fairly big sea fishing section so pretty much something for every discipline of the sport so if your in the area look em up they are in granton and very easy to find  heres the link for directions if you need it 

as im away on a bit of a trip in a couple of weeks i needed to buy a sleeping bag so handy that nextdoor to the angling center is go outdoors which caters for all things outdoors so i thought id pop in and see what they had to offer 

firstly i was quite impressed with the range of stuff they had and as below they also had a small fishing tackle section which although a fair range the angling center next door was far cheaper but being an angler i had a look anyway 

so after i had a browse at the tackle (power bait seems to be the thing in there) i found the sleeping bag section and there was the perfect one for what i wanted at a mere £20:00 , fantastic i thought then i picked one up and headed to the check out and it went like this 

so the woman at the counter says thats £20:00 (yea i knew that) 
and do you have your discount card 

"eh what discount card" 

you need a discount card to purchase items in the store 

"er no dont have one " 

ok she says i can fix you one up now 

"fantastic "

 that will be £5;00

"er why"

so you can get the discount

"but then its not a discount"

you need the card to shop here

"if i get the card then its dearer than buying the sleeping bag online with free delivery"

you may want to come back and purchase more items

"not coming back after this"

so do you want the sleeping bag 

"er no ill get it online for £20:00 with free delivery"

anything else i can help you with 

"actually ill have a packet of mints (£1:00 on the counter)"

you'll need your discount card though 

"seriously for a packet of mints"


i then left the building as i could feel myself going into meltdown which wouldn't have been a good end to the day for go outdoors , i mean in this day and age you'd think they would be glad of actually customers that come through the door for alarge company youd think they would give you a free card , well never again will i step into one of there stores 

not really been the greatest of weeks for me this week the way purchases have been , my next gripe is with tackle company lureflash , i purchased a new rotary drier online (angling center didnt have them) and my drier has completely died a death and i loved that drier it was a stonefly one , i looked online and couldnt find the same model so i purchased one from a well know tackle company in yorkshire and it arrived within a few days so i put some battries in and it didnt work .

ok so i get dressed and head into town for some fresh batteries get home put them in and nothing , so by now i wasnt sure what was happening so i turned it over and saw this 

the connection was broken,  yup kaput now i have to say this has to be the most crap design for a base especially for a tying table and also the switch itself was broken and one side wasn't screwed in now fr a company like them id expect a bit better so bitterly disappointed with this , to be fair the seller responded very quickly and is sending a replacement , not really there fault but i cant help feel very little effort has gone in to this design mabey i should have gone a little more expensive but time will tell on this one , and i intend to get in touch with lureflash about this issue as im sure im not the only one whos had this problem.

and to finish on a positive    

my next blog post in a couple of weeks will have seen me on my first fly trip of the year to this stunning place and a new one for me and ill be fishing in the company of a couple of fine friends so whisky will no doubt happen in the evening and its a 2 day trip so i suspect it might get messy .

tight lines 

a cave in scotland 

Friday, 13 January 2017

1st post of the year mother truckers


well 2017 already cant believe it , and now all the festivities are thankfully past i can get back to tying and fishing , well i really didn't do that much fishing last year due to  moving house and work patterns , but this year is going to be a bit different as i will have some more downtime now i have settled and indeed my trip of the year has been booked , two days on this amazing highland venue  with the wild loch group chasing pike trout and perch 

now there's a few of us going and a few different methods being employed i shall of course be chucking the fluff so looking forward to this greatly , not only for the stunning views and remoteness but with a great bunch of guys whom im lucky enough to call my friends.

talking about fluff i actually need to tye some specific patterns for this as im going with my smaller fried alive patterns as there is also trout and perch in here so im kinda hedging my bets as this time of year we never know what the weather will be like so with my fried alives i only insist on the very best hooks for em as i usually multiple fish on em so the have to stand up to the job so of course with my busy lifestyle with with work i realize i needed to order some hooks (im pretty sure i had run out).

so i decided to try out my phone to see if i could work out how to order online via a mobile (i was on a lunch break honest and sat on the toilet in case my manager reads this) and im not the most tech savy so i headed over to and found they have a really nice mobile version of there website .

so typed in the address and the rather nice homepage came up as above with a front page telling you what the best sellers are (diamond uv products) no surprise there great stuff 

so i clicked on the menu tab at the top and got a drop down menu and found very easily the hooks section

within a few seconds this bought me to the page of the hooks they do so scrolled down without any freezing and found what i was looking for and it gave me the option to click on the hook for more info

so clicked on that and i pretty much got all the info i needed and simply added it to my cart in one click , i then needed to go and buy some dna fiber so back to the menu scroll down found it and made the 2 color choices i needed added to the basket and that was it , i was then able to check out with paypal very easily and to be honest the whole thing too around 5 mins tops , to say i was impressed is an understatement , and to make things even better i got my stuff very quickly bonus.

this for me is great because in this day and age i often get orders mailed to me and if im at work and find myself needing materials i can order there and then and im off and ready to tie within a day or so , so great work deercreek on a very easy to use system even for an old spangle like me a full 10/10 if i can do it anybody can . 

time well spent 

 time well spent indeed , i love having vice time and sometimes the ideas just flow , well it was like that last week we i went nits with blending materials to come up with lots of wonderful fluff and you know the thing is i look at a fly and think yup thats going to catch but buggered if ill have enough time in my life time to fish all the flies i tie but hey ho still time well spent

i love playing around with colors and materials of course im still a total convert to gliss n glint plus and im finding i can do more and more with it especially with smaller fly funk , there has been ive noticed especially in this country a shift towards smaller patterns around 4 inchs and smaller , now most of the fish ive caught have been on smaller flies , now i really dont know if that because the pike are predating on smaller baitfish or if i would have caught the same fish if i had been using a bigger fly at the same spot and time but there is a lot of bigger fish coming to smaller flies and there always the chance of bonus species as well .

i have to say at this point im still not a convert to those big flies with the wiggly tails to me it just seems a lot of effort in tying them when the more traditional flies still catch as many fish , ive watched loads of videos on line , mostly bonkers swedes fishing these big flies and i watch with interest and wonder if they would have caught those same fish with normal flies , but again its one of those things that everybody jumps on the band wagon and wants the latest thing to drain your wallet and if you dont have it well you not a proper fly angler , well er bollocks ive never and never will follow fads im quite happy with what i do and indeed the folks who but my flies are also happy with the flies i tie and dont even ask me to tie them as they still catch lots of fish , i mean remember a few years ago when dan blantons flash tail whistler was all the rage and people said that was the only fly that caught fish well i had already had them in my box long before that bollocks from fulling mill picked them up and started selling hundreds of crap African tied phish to gullible anglers and these day you hardly hear of people fishing them its all those big rubber tailed monstrosities  , stick to the flies that catch you fish dont jump on the bandwagon circus of the next must have thing your wasting your money .

now im not saying there rubbish flies far from it its always good to chop and change but i wonder what will be next and these rubber tailed beasts will be long forgotten in the bottom of your fly boxes along with the flashtails and other 10 min wonders but im guessing you know where im coming from

 been doing some weedless flies and a lot of people struggle with the fact that the hookpoint is covered with material , well yea i see where there coming from but with synthetics and the way there tied it really has zero problem , the material is tied very sparsely although it looks like a lot its actually not so you can get in among the weeds without fouling up and if a fish hits it will hook without issue as the point is just under the material , and actually its a killer way to fish in the summer when a lot of pike are down in among it , i think they look kinda neat as well

well broke out the gliss yet again and produced a little trout pattern although the picture dosnt do it justice really well im crap with a camera to be honest but enjoyed breaking out the marker pens for this one , be a shame to see it go but at least its staying in scotland

 been tying a lot of flies tarpon style lately and have been asked several times why i do this well there's a couple of reasons one i believe the fly is far more mobile in the water , when i fish these there is a clear difference in the action in the water tying like this , and to be honest setting the fly so far back isn't an issue when it comes to hook ups as you'll find 9 times out of ten the fly will be engulfed by the pike and strangely enough  a lot are lip hooked as well , and of course tying like this means that you can easily catch hold of the shank with pliers and not destroy materials , this is a great way to tie and especially on smaller patterns , bellow you'll see a few examples of different colors and materials using this technique 

you'll notice that most of my flies these days have my name on well im not being vane again far from it , i joined pintrest a while ago which is a great ideas sharing site but found people were saving the pics they liked (no problem with that) but it looked like when they saved them it was in there own albums so looked like they had tied it , so its basically like a thumbs up to the person who tied it 

of course the other thing is to protect against African tiers who freely steal peoples pictures and claim that they are there own and offer you them for sale , ive been over the African thing many times before but if you use facebook id advise you check if you have any of these people on your friends list then bounce them all they are after is your contacts and pictures , im still surprised that some well known tiers have these people as friends get rid of them folks aint nothing but trouble 

brother ken musky man 
my brother from another mother ken capsey has been very quiet lately  on the social media side of things and even quieter on his blog which is a shame as i really enjoyed reading his crazy red neck antics , but although he took himself off facebook because like me he couldn't be bothered with all the crap that goes on  and like me he tends to tell it like it is , he is still very much alive and well over on instagram and he has been slaying the muskys like crazy this year so if you have an account head on over and look him up

 ken now runs wet sock fly fishing and for you guys in the states chasing pike and predators then ken is really your man , i talk to him quite often and he reads the blog so if your looking for some kick ass musky fluff then hit him up for some crazy flies his mail is on the card below 

so although he is quiet he is still very much active and ill probably continue to post his catches on my blog from stateside , keep at it broski

drop shot flies

still at it with the drop shot flies cant make enough just now must be doing something right  lol yes flies you can use on a drop shot rod taking a fair amount of perch apparently im good with that 

ok most of my readers are well aware im a massive pikesaber fan and out of all the rods i have owned this has proved to be the best work horse ive ever had, ive had one now for well over (7 years i believe) and its never let me down yet and im delighted to be taking it into another season with me .

so your in luck the guys over at pike trek have reduced the price in there January sale of this mighty rod so its a perfect chance to grab one for a fantastic price believe me ive used it long enough to know a good bit of kit  hit the link below to go straight to the website and yes they do world wide shipping as well so strike now you wont regret it , its the only rod i have fully endorsed for pike on my sites 

heres the saber in action with a lively Scottish pike in really awful wind conditions  enjoy 

so im busy with fly tying just now and prepping for an upcoming trip so ill bid you all farewell just now but ill be back in a few weeks have fun if your out there on the water and stay safe 

cheers from the cave in Scotland