Sunday, 2 September 2012

small is beautifull

I was all ready to go on Friday morning , the alarm clock was set for 4 am the gear was packed and I was ready for a great day on the water in great company , the alarm went off at 4am and rather than spring out of bed I found myself feeling absolutely garbage breaking out in hot and cold sweats coughing and feeling really like crap so with heavy heart I had to phone fishing partner conan and cancel the day , sometimes the best laid plans get side lines by a virus what can you do about it.

So it took me the rest of the day and a long sleep to throw the thing but I was feeling ok by the evening although a bit drained so with the Friday out of the window and me working in my other job over the weekend I had pretty much no time at the vice until today (Monday)

over the past years ive come to realise that sometimes pike don’t want big flies they want small stuff , so with that in mind ive been busily tying up some small couple of inches long flies for the purpose of fishing my local venue and venues further afield what I wanted was something small and minnow / stickleback like something that not only pike would eat but other predatory species would eat , so pretty much an all round fly if such a thing could be made , well I reckon im pretty close with this baby

of course me being me I had to make up a few variations and this features the same materials but ive just added a hard eye , the reason for this is quite simple it actually adds weight over a normal 3d eye and by adding the weight your changing the action of the fly in the water , I like to use weighted eyes over deeper water as it means I can explore all the water levels and of course by using a strip and pause technique you really do make these flys come alive ,

so here you have it one of my small fly patterns box or as I like to call it my perch box and ive stocked the top with my new fryed food flies oh in case your interested the pattern itself is just ep fibre with some ep sparkle in the mix and tied on deercreeks dia riki 2/0 hooks these hooks are lovley and a great price and let me tell you they are just as good as the tiemcos out there


we have now launched the esox 2 streamer hook over on the hookeye and fly website similar to our esox one except this has a smaller hook gape , we have a special launch offer on just now if you buy a pack we will give you a pack completely free of charge thats a bargain folks anyway check out the offer and the site here
more flies heading out the door

if your on facebook and lets face it who isnt these days then friend me up (search for pike flies) as I do often have bargain packs of flies that I sell cheap as I make room on my tying boards so if you want to grab a bargain now and again check it out , ive also got millions of fly pictures on there as well as loads of cool fly anglers and fly tiers a great resource for the fly fisherman .
My flies in stores

I don’t mass tie flies I tend to support local business with limited amounts of flies which I tie myself so the quality is always first class because I have tied it and I also only supply 1 shop in one country so im absolutely delighted to say that in Ireland you can now buy my flies exclusively through inniscarra lake fishery shop , at the momment there on facebook check em out here
oh and if your over that way its a dam fine pike fishery as well

And so to fishing

the rearranged cancelled fishing date with conan came round this week and we got to the venue before dawn to be greeted with rain well it was due to stop soon so we just sat in the car and looked at flies for an hour till it stopped then broke out the weapons and we were off

although it dosnt look like it our usual hotspot was proving a little hard to deal with as there was a hell of a wind blowing straight into the bay which made casting subbugs a bit life threatening so we upped and moved to a spot that ive had a few before in around 8ft of water over weed and a rocky bottom which as we all know is a great ambush point for pike any kind of feature is worth taking a look at

and I didnt have to wait long before a lively jack took a liking for my new fryed alive flies in fact the fish pretty much were all over this fly today which is always good when your testing a new pattern


indeed the fish were wanting this little pattern , the fish here tend to go for small patterns over the big massive flies probably because they gorge themselves on sticklebacks which maybe why this fly was so hot this day

even the lochs population of rainbow trout were up for it , again proving that a smaller predator fly opens up a lot more species in fact this fly would catch pretty much anything that swims in this place , and to be honest its always fun having a lively rainbow on the end of your line

the thing I really like about fishing with conan is hes pretty much up for trying anything so when I said “do you fancy trying a murdich minnow2 he was like yup and on it went for a cast , we had moved spots by this point and were fishing slightly deeper water so I thought one of these minnows would do the job and yup bang first cast he had a fish on , dont know why more people don’t use this fly in this country its a real killer pattern and on its day can out fish any other pattern going and such an easy fly to make as well (mmmmmm video on the way)

boat partner conan absolutely delighted , not because he caught a new personnel best pike at 9lb today but because he got his very own subbug to keep forever
super big bags of gliss and glint plus

now the lads at deercreek have been busy in the lab and are now producing big bags of there very popular material gliss and glint plus now not only is that great news for the person who ties loads of flies as there’s more to play with but if your tying musky flies then your going to be able to tie some monster big flies with this and you know its only £3.89 a bag now that’s seriously good value for money folks and also from the deercreek stable some absolutely stunning new colours check this out featuring new colours from the gliss and glint plus stable check out the website for new colours in the range

if your interested in purchasing any of my flies you can find them at the following stockists

see ya soon


(a cave in scotland)

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Lee said...

Smaller flies can attract fish but because they are smaller sometimes you have moments where fish just don't see it unless they get close. I tend to take a variety of flies with me whenever i go fishing