Tuesday, 9 October 2012

in the buff


ok so you may think its not hot enough in Scotland for UV,s well you’d be quite right but there is so much more to these things and to be honest I only ever thought that there was one company that made them and that was buff so it was with great surprise when nick over at deercreek became an outlet for them and he sent me a sample to try ….

as I said we probably dont get enough sun here to warrant these as dont go out the door without them item but I actually bought a buff a while ago for a couple of reasons 1 was to use as a background for taking fly pictures , the other was to were as a bandanna to keep my hair out the way while tying flies (longhair has a tendency to stuck on varnish and epoxys) and can be a pain I also use it on my wrist while im tying on the laptop (very comfortable as per picture below ) and of course fishing wise I use it to keep the chill of my face and the flies out my mouth and of course on the one sunny day we get as a uv protector , of course dont limit yourself to that theres a million and one uses for these .

So why buy a rag well ive compared both and ive found both are the same length and width , I did a search around and found that the cheapest angler focused one were as follows
buff – £13.99 (uk)
hoo rag - £12.49 (uk)

ok so not much difference except for the price and buffs come in a larger range but I found that hoo rags were a lot softer and more stretchy than the buff , im sure the hoo rag will be around for a long time and they will add more patterns but they get my vote

avalible in the uk from

have a look at this video for a few ideas on how to wear them
the scientists at deer creek have a few new products coming out over the next few mounths , the first to appear is a really nice range of long crystal flash in some nice colours and also very long hanks which of course is great for larger pike flies
you can find more details here
pike fly in progress using the new crystal flash
ok so my bro ken capsey he of stoopid facial expressions and the ability to get drunk on one beer and of course some exceptional pike flies is getting hitched next week , im really gutted I cant be there but I will be in spirit as he and naomi know , so ken headed off for a stag fish and man when you catch a trout like this you gotta know life is good , I cant remember when I saw a fish as nicely marked as this hats of to ya brother thats a storming fish , and on your big day try and not forget the words , get drunk before it , lose the rings or fart at the alter (been there done that never appreciated)
bro have a great day your one of the nicest guys ive ever met and im proud to have ya as a bro
a cave in Scotland
(there will be no blog next friday as im off on a road trip full report and crazyness the week after)

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James O Durbin II said...

Deer creek shows a hot chick in a buff bikini, how come you didn't do that?