Friday, 9 November 2012

lets all get dressed up as sausage rolls

Hello the 200
OK so ive made 200 followers and I have thousands of people from all over the world visiting my blog , ok I know probably 10% are spammers trying to post comments about buying cheap uggs (do they do them in camo) Viagra (im married I have no use for such things) or a new Russian girlfriend (mmmmmmmmm) and threes 5% who are Nigerians or Kenyans trying to sell me 100 of my own patterns for a dollar a dozen and the other 5% arrived here while looking for adult material (fluffchucking apparently shows up in porn searches (now that’s scary maybe its me in my camo oh please god no I hope not ) .

so that still leaves if my maths is right and my visitor stats 80% of visitors who keep coming back to read the blog and actually either enjoy what I write or just get a good laugh out of my inane musings but whatever im still actually very humbled by the people that do visit the blog and I thank every one of you because all I am is an average guy who loves what he does and enjoys passing that knowledge on and I have no need to become a big shot or household name so if your still with me dear reader I thank you for your company in my sometimes crazy world ..
life is salty
oh indeed this week the fly destroyer had wanted to take me chasing the lady of the stream (the grayling) on his local river , I was well up for this as I haven’t been grayling fishing since I was a kid on the river tweed where I had the honour of catching a 4lb fish one summer during the school holidays , in fact back then the grayling was regarded as vermin in the tweed as It apparently ate all the trout eggs (surely there would be no trout in the river if that was the case and the tweed would be full of grayling) and they were to be knocked on the head and thrown up the bank , well even as a kid I refused to do this which got me into no end of trouble with the kelso angling association but time changed and now they are highly prized as a sport fish thank god
So I dugout my 5wgt and sorted my vest and a few flies and I was ready for the off the next morning well that was until conan texted me in the afternoon saying the conditions we garbage and the forecast not much better so I decided to take him saltwater fly fishing as the tides were perfect the next day and conditions looked good , so I changed over my vest dug out some clousers and sorted some heavier leaders and dug out the 7wgt salt rod .

I woke up the next morning to find the weather had completely changed and it was blowing chunks down the east coast which is really not ideal for fly fishing and especially for fly fishing in the salt , I wont take chances with the sea you got to respect her end of , so the phone call was dully placed and we decided conan should come over for some more tying lessons and that was how we spent the afternoon not ideal but still good fun .

So I set about showing conan how to use dna to create a lovely sparkly baitfish and as seems to be the norm he picked it up real quick and his first tie looked fantastic, although he doesn’t think so and thinks he needs more practice but the fly he produced (on the left) was every bit as good as mine on the right .
As you may be aware conan has come from a trout background and ties some of the most amazing trout flies ive ever seen , and this is great because he already has the basics tying trout flies but when you go from a size 24 trout hook to a size 6/0 pike fly hook thats quite a leap and your confidence can take a dip if your not used to it but the thing is persevere and have faith in the flys your tying I know id fish with conans any day , the one thing ive noticed over the past few sessions with him is that hes really starting to get the idea that less is more with synthetics and since that has clicked into place he is really starting to produce some stunning flies and the thing is as ive said before I did exactly the same thing many years ago keep up the good work pal subbugs next week

some of of our other ties from the day
so ive had a few days away from the vice had the dreaded man-flu so been mostly sitting watching crap man tv ,(thank god for ghost hunters ,paranormal files ,and jamies 15 Min meals OK I lied on the last one) but feeling a bit better today I hit the vice to tie up some of my DNA – FILF baitfish I had a request from nick at deercreek for some and I was happy to help ….......
DNA is a lovley material to tie with one you sus it out and you can produce some incredible looking baitfish with it but the stuff is bloody expensive for the amount you get in a pack the one thing I tend to do is make multi use bait fish one of those patterns that you can use anywhere in fresh or saltwater the ones ive done for deercreek are 7 inch s and although ive made them mainly for pike they will fish just as well in the sea so if you fancy getting you hands on some of these below get over to next week but be sure to be quick as they will be gone fairly fast or if you want to reserve one give him an email through the site


of course I had to sneak an extra tie into my own box did mine with green roachie eyes look forward to giving this a swim if I ever manage to get out again this year , the weather again stopped our river trip this week but we have some plans laid down for next week for the big green snaggletooths and hopefully get conan his first double before the end of the year that would be a blast
remember there a full range of my flies tied by me over at fast flies site here

im working at my normal job this weekend so the vice will be a bit quiet if you unlike me are luckily enough to be out and about this weekend have fun and hope you catch and remember even if lifes getting you down it will never be as bad as turning up at an angling event dressed as a sausage roll
(a cave in Scotland)


James O Durbin II said...

you crazy Scott's...look at the guy dressed as a piece of bread. What a realistic costume.

Anonymous said...

What species are you hitting in the sea? Shore Pollock or from a boat?