Tuesday, 19 February 2013

pike fly fishing association , a statement


just to clarify a few things

this morning on checking the facebook page for the pike fly fishing association I came across 2 posts from club members who couldn’t access the forum. on checking the club forum I found the following statement from peter jones the clubs founder .

Hi I have been reviewing the membership of the pffa and it appears that we have more followers on facebook (356) than actual members of the club. It would also appear that most people and business use facebook to sell their product or run some kind of organisation. I feel that for the club to exist in some form or other the best option would be to have membership free by joining the closed group on facebook. Using facebook we will be able to capture a wider audience and promote pike fly fishing and pike care and conservation aswell as the club itself. Exiting members will be able to join the closed group ,and access this forum until December from then on all things pffa will be conducted on the facebook closed group. I will continue with the club website as there is important and useful information on there for those starting pike fly fishing. I will continue to organise the fenland charity event each year and promote the club at various game fairs etc through out the year.

This change will take effect from today.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported the pffa in its old form and look forward to your support in this new venture.

Peter J.

on checking the forum settings I saw that the forum was closed shortly after this , this was not my doing I only knew of the problem when I logged into the clubs facebook page today, please remember I was not the only one with admin ability’s on the club forum so all you see is not black and white .

People also often said that posts disappeared , I did not remove any posts or topics on the forum unless asked to , my main job on the forum was to activate new members and watch for inappropriate posts I.e swearing and general 18+ stuff and remove it , or if a member didn’t like something on the forum I had to along with others review the post before action was taken I merely followed orders nothing I did was on my own back except for the afore mentioned topic .

I have been a member of this club since the start and in the last few years I have taken a ridiculous amount of abuse for doing what I was asked to do by others, most of the time I just shrug it off im not into politics and it should be kept well out of fishing but I have taken a lot of flack for the deeds of others and now enough is enough.

The whole point of this club was to promote the sport of fly fishing for pike and the good practice of pike handling , gear etc , I will continue to do this through other means

im not going to name names as I have way better things to do but im no longer going to take abuse because of the decisions of people in the shadows there is a whole lot more to this but im not going it as it would embarrass certain people and that’s not what im about .

I will also not enter into any kind of debate about this statement this is what it is im done and outa here

go fishing , enjoy life

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