Friday, 25 October 2013

all things must pass

to all my followers and friends alike
dear friends you know sometimes life throws a pile of crap at you and at the moment that's what's happened to me I am at the moment going through a quite traumatic break up with my wife and mother of my son , you know when I got married I really expected it to be for life and for better or for worse meant just that to me , I am struggling with my head at the moment as there is so much shit to sort out .
my immediate plans are to find somewhere to live and to add the pressure on im starting a new job on Monday so then it comes to the blog .
I love writing this blog and it helps me figure out stuff on dark days but im going to take a break while I get shit sorted out so please don't expect anything for the next couple of months or even till after Christmas but I will return with continuing adventures with my dear fishing buddy Conan the destroyer.
I have to especially thank nick and jen over at and the whole pro team for there support at this time words cannot express what the messages of support from them and other folks via my facebook page I am humbled to have such good friends .
I have to especially thank my brother ken capsey from Vermont fly guys and my extended Vermont family you guys know why ........
love and peace all


BKill said...

You'll be missed while you're gone. Stay strong.

John Whittington said...

Sorry to hear the news Dave. I hope everything works out ok.

Anonymous said...

oh man, I got just that exactly one year ago. I hope you're as well as possible. never forget that life's all about healing, and that you've got friends all over the world you never heard about.
take care,