Monday, 10 March 2014

The long road to oblivion BFFI 2014 PT 1

MEET THE ANIMALS every year attend the bffi to showcase there unique team of wayward brothers and sisters and every year we gather to show what can be done , from massive pike flies to beautiful works of art for trout in the smallest of rivers so for us to be invited to tie is indeed a great honor  

myself and the destroyers plan was quite simple he would pick me up at the cave and we would make our way down to the andy saunders house for the night and set off really early to head to london to pick up the viking fly tier markus hoffman (hearby known as the hoff) was was flying in from sweden that morning so we would pick him up and then drive on up to the show a good few hours drive from London

so the destroyer picks me up and we hit the road , i had just finished a night shift so was running on empty but a pack of pork scratchings from the black country courtesy via shetland from a friend cheers mate then went down a storm 

and that terrible moment we crossed the border into the badlands , i swear the air wasn't as clean smelling and we knew the beer would be twice the price and half the taste 

arrival at the saunders pad and the changing of gear from one car to another as andy was driving tomorrow i think his motor was more fuel efficient or something  but at least his hands would be kept busy for a change 

ok so stoopid oclock the next day after a few whiskys later and some hours down the road we stop at a motorway service area for some breakfast and unbelievably its not open yet so we hang around and eventually the place opens and the woman serving us is the most poo faced miserable woman ive ever met i swear to god she turned the cream in my coffee sour and my fried egg to stone you know i dont know how they do it in eastern europe but customer service if im not wrong is about the CUSTOMER anyway it filled a hole and that was the main thing  

we seemed to pick up a hitch hiking walrus on the road and it made some extraordinary noises  

i took a picture of this van because something very funny was said about it but i cant remember what though it may have been something to do with it looking like andy saunders otherwise insert your own story here 

the hoff was duly picked up from the airport and straight away he was into a beer i swear this guy is a beer machine i thought i was bad and he also enjoyed the odd bit of chocolate   

my my what lovely fine hairy Scottish legs you have i worry sometimes saunders just couldn't take his eyes off me luckily i escaped his advances dispute him offering me sweets

the hoff decided at one spot that the view was just out of this world so we stopped the car he got out put his hands in his pockets and stood for a min admiring the view after this he got back in the car and we were off again , strange the swedes

after we gave deercreek owner nick a hand setting up the stand we headed back to the hotel to freshen up drop our gear off and start on the whisky run , after a bottle we headed to the all you can eat Chinese takeaway were we met back up with the viking hoff who was already on his 3rd plate 

nick and the hoff obviously this is before nick found out how much the bar bill was, he brakes out into a sweat when he has to spend more than a groat 

chris rawle just before he found out the hoff had stolen his plate off food , we had a really great time in the buffet although i was asked just like every year not to return , to be honest i don't see what the problem was as it said nowhere near the chocolate fountain that i couldn't cover my sweet and sour battered prawns in chocolate and im sure the kid who was watching me will be OK with some therapy   

we all gathered at the pub after the Chinese buffet to toast the impending birth of the destroyers baby much as we tried we couldn't get him to take the weight of his feet hes a trooper that one 

the hoff rocks the man is a tying and drinking and metal listening legend and we felt the need  to take many pictures of his awesomeness and we all want his little cod babies

professional as always and we didn't even annoy the cabbage patch kid in the corner who came over to speak to us 

the destroyer and andy scott , you can pretty much tell andys thinking just get me the hell outa here and by the way andy makes the most amazing salmon flies but more on that next post (legend andy and really decent normal well adjusted bloke) a pleasure to share a tying table with this man 

ok so if your still with me the show stuff and flies will feature next post and i actually had to re write this blog post twice as i just couldn't really post a lot of what happened as i understand it that of thing is frowned upon in blogging circles but tune in next week for the sensible stuff 

i would however like to thank Andy and donner kebab for the whisky and cupcakes (handmade)
(a cave in hollywood)

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Andy Scott said...

An epic weekend with an awesome team! Can't wait till next year :)