Friday, 24 April 2015

solar eclipse revolution


the deercreek crew have always been at the forefront of eye technology for 3d eyes and have always been leaders in it, and the eyes have often been copied by others , ive been for a long time pushing for black eyes as i long believed they would be excellent for predator flies and would really stand out on a fly , and so the day has come and they have arrived eclipse

how absolutely sexy are these of course i couldn't wait to get to the vice to tie with them and here is the first one of the vice


hook - dai raki 2/0
thread - veevus 10/0 black thread
tail - black marabou
body - marabou
flash - black crystal flash
eye 8mm - solar eclipse

i really think these eyes set off the black marabou of the fly brilliantly, ive shown the fly wet as dry marabou is obviously a very different looking beast ,  cool little baitfish


hook - 6/0 octopus
thread - veevus 10/0 black thread
tail - black whiting farm saddle hackle
body - black northern bucktail
back - peacock herl
flash - black crystal flash
eye 8mm - solar eclipse
head - diamond hard uv

and awesome skinny baitfish 


hook - 6/0 octopus
thread - clear mono thread
body - ep fibre
flash - chartreuse angel hair
flash (gills) red angel hair
eye 12mm - solar eclipse

these are only a quick 3 ties i have done having just come in from work and was keen to get a few tied and i also wanted to show the eyes on different materials  i have also got some other new eyes that i will be tying with this weekend so stay tuned , but im sure you'll agree these eyes are outstanding and i have a million and one ideas to try .

these eyes at time of writing should be available on deercreeks website this weekend

also off the vice this week is more bullheads from mega lazer dub

hook - dai raki 3/0
thread - clear mono
body back - olive gliss n glint plus
body belly  - yellow gliss n glint plus
flash - gold angel hair
eye 8mm - roachie eyes

bullheads are awesome flies and have a great action in the water heres a video of a bullhead in action from many years ago on the fens while i was on a raid across the border to england

have to give a big shout out to a one mr smith who i supplied a pike pack to last week for his trip to the lake of menteith in scotland (Scotlands only lake all the rest are lochs) and a stunning place for a days fishing

unfortunately the fish just were not playing ball despite several follows and a a couple of large fish that sat at the back of the fly they were not in playfull mood , ive been there and done that on the lake many times , and it can be so frustrating you've done everything right your flies are right, there interested but just dont take , i guess that's what keeps us going back for more better luck next time and keep at it matey ....bloody fish

so im off on my travels for what could be an outstanding weekend in a boat with an orang-utan trolling flies for ferox , drinking whisky in the evening , and an ample supply of scotch pies and ample haggis tosties  while on the troll :-) cant wait .

in the meantime im going to be battering out new flies over the next week so stay tuned and remember to check out the deercreek guys for good down to earth honest fly tying stuff in the uk check em out at

or if your in the united states you can order from the completely bonkers dave hise at casters fly shop for a fantastic friendly service , casters also ship to the uk for non deercreek product also

so thats it for this week back to the vice for me so wherever you are have fun and see you out there

(a cave in scotland)

and proud

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