Sunday, 30 October 2016



without doubt ep fibre is a great material and you can make some bloody great baitfish patterns with it but the downside is its bloody expensive my local orvis shop sells it for nearly 7 quid a pack and even if you buy it on line your still paying postage so ive been for many years looking for a suitable cheaper replacement but without scrimping on quality and here it is  

baitfish fibre from deercreek is a mere £2.99 for what i must say is a genuine proportioned hank 

other false ep i have tried always seems to go frizzy and unshapely when tied and just dosnt sit right on the hook this feels a lot better (when you have been tying for as long as i have you get to know the feel of good and bad material)  

when tying with ep type fibres off course less is more , so i managed to strip a few lengths off quite easily , with this kind of material you only really need a little material and if you cant see your hand through it then your using too much 

so to tying , it sat really on the hookshaft and to be honest it felt like i was tying with ep , it stacked really well and was very easy to work with 

the finished fly very ep like and ill be using it again , wish they had a few more colors though but knowing deercreek they will at some point

price 10/10
color range 8/10
tyability 10/10

buy it here folks with worldwide shipping


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