Tuesday, 25 April 2017



a rare day off work so i hooked up with my old mate duke who has very recently taken up fishing and decided to take him trout fishing on the fly , as he has no gear at the moment i lent him some of my stuff , hey thats what friends are for 

i already have a separate bag for trout on the fly so not really much to sort out was really a question of where to go , originally i was going to go pike fishing but the pike seen to be doing there thing just now so decided against that and thought trout would be a better option for the day so i had a hunt around and found a lovely looking place called lomond hills fishery 

now ive heard of this place before in fact id wanted to pike fish here for a while so this was the perfect chance to scout it out go and chuck some fluff for trout and teach duke the fine art

me and duke , duke has actually been a pal of mine since the early 80s when we used to have some outrageous rock n roll partys and fun times , duke has fished a little before mainly for perch with spinning rods in Switzerland so wasnt a total newbie but hadn't fly fished before   

the weather was actually starting to blow a bit and wasnt really the best for teaching somebody to fly fish but duke is resilient and a bit of wind wasn't going to stop him 

probably dosnt look it but it was far flying down the loch so stuck on some fritz flies and went for it anyway after making sure duke knew what he was doing 

after a couple of fruitless hours we decided to venture of around the loch and have a look at the far side banks , lovely view 

duke was getting better with his casting and seemed to be enjoying it 

although he was less impressed with my shameless selfie cast , i did this just to annoy him 

impressed with the clear water although didn't see much in the way of baitfish , at this point with the sun being out i decided to drift a team of buzzers around kinda scratching for a bite 

we walked all around the loch and and settled into a spot near the dam wall , at this point i saw a big shoal of bait rise up in front of me so i switched  over to a slow intermediate line and a special fly from my special box 

so nothing happened really i had a brief nip at a fly in this spot but didn't connect , so we ended up walking all the way round to the start point and decided to have another bash there , i ended up on a slow sink line and lures but to no avail , and as you can see by the wind in the video conditions wernt the best , but he ho thats fishing 

although not much happened today , Craig had a great day and wasn't put off and indeed his casting improved as the day went on so all in all a good day anyway .

no i have to say that normally trout fisheries are not normally my kinda thing and i tend to fish the when i want to eat fresh trout or fish for perch and pike , but i have to say alex the fishery manager was absolutely brilliant and really wanted us to catch and indeed pulled out all the stops and that was a very pleasant surprise  what a top bloke , hats off to you alex for your help .

so if your looking for a friendly fishery then take a trip up to lomond hills lovely place with some stunning views as well , there also on facebook at

till next time 

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