Saturday, 13 May 2017

life in video and social media


so social media be it Facebook , Instagram , pintrest , twitter whatever your daily vice its worth noting that these are fantastic outlets for making friends , swapping patters and flies or general fishyness i for one love browsing around looking at flies or what new materials are hitting the market and where to get them.

but theirs a downside trend ive noticed and thats people seem to be neglecting there blogs in favor of other media outlets  ive noticed that a lot of great blogs that are in the side menu haven't posted in mouths and years and that is a real shame as there are some fantastic fishy bloggers that seen to have just given up in favor of there own pages on Facebook , 

you know this is a bad move on there part because you can both at the same time and you know it may surprise you that not everybody has Facebook and some people just like to browse blogs and well who can blame them , so please guys if you haven't updated for a while please do, you have people (like me) who love to read them .

the other thing ive noticed is that photo sharing media site called Instagram which actually is fantastic check me out on there "mcfluffchucker" has loads of folks that are also on Facebook but post more pics on insta than Facebook OK thats cool love checking the pics out  but the other great thing like Facebook is the ability to stream live which actually i love so you get a warts and all tying video (my fiance often makes an appearance as you can see from below) but hey we are all human and make the odd mistake when tying so you got to have a very large pair to get through that one let me tell you .

so back to Instagram great idea but you can stream a live video but cant save it which is a pain so i often do one on instagram and one on facebook (which you can save) and thats pretty cool in the fact that your actually tying live and chatting to people while your doing it , and you know i prefer doing these to youtube as you have direct interaction with folks , and well you can have a laugh along the way as well (way too many serious people out there in fly tying world lighten up fellas) . 

so anyway i just wish the guys in the side menu blogs would update them , aint going to delete them of there as i hope they will start posting again especially my bro mr capsey was always very entertaining so come on fellas  please update em.

ok so yea i know we all lead busy lives with work and family's and fishing and its not always possible to up date stuff ,well i know this from my own experience but im trying my best to update every 3 or for weeks , and more if i go fishing so i have no intentions of stopping blogging .

so what new , well actually not too much since last post really , again been busy with the work thing , but the other day i was out with my wife to be to do some shopping and happened upon one of these second had electrical shops so had a quick browse and saw a brand new unused apeman action camera as below 

it was such a good price that i had to snap it up and to be honest i was looking for one of these anyway and really didn't want to pay for a go pro (expensive) so i thought i would take the chance 

soon as i got it home i checked out some online reviews and was presently surprised at what i found all pretty positive and my pal cez from pike and slippers said he actually had one and was a great bit of kit so if it good enough for him that will do me .

nice underwater housing a s well which im going to have lots of fun with in the summer 

so i charged the battery up and i decided to have a bash at the time lapse setting as a start as im going to do a tying session while using this setting , so i set it up in the back garden and gave it a try and have to say was quite impressed at the results 

so looking ahead im heading out on tues i think to fish weather permitting with my pal duke  and will be dabbling about in the salt and hopefully  getting some cool footage .

in the mean time stay safe folks 

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