Thursday, 29 January 2009

and she wonders why i go fishing

my Mrs has always been the strong independent type but just now she has gone just a bit to far let me explain .

she decided today to clear out one of her folder you know the ones with all the old bills from 1981 etc etc , so being kind of busy with the old fly tying i slink ed of to my tying room which is just off the living room and left her to it .

after half an hour i hear my name being shouted obviously the dog had done a dump or something which she feels I'm able to complete without her supervising me , so i opens the door to be met with a blanket of smoke ,

the dozy daft redhead had only decided to foil all the id thieves by burning all the old bills in the SINK and this in a kitchen that's 3ft by 4ft oh that's not the best bit its all my fault the mixer taps and sink have melted because i didn't tell her that just because something is silver in colour doesn't nesaceraly mean it made of metal and plastic sinks and tap mixers can sometimes be silver in color :roll:

and tonight ill get bollocked again for not doing the dishes after tea because there's a ruddy great hole in it and the taps look like something from an alien film set

now before i go on and is case she sees this in her defence she is a great cook very intelligent (halfway through a maths degree) although sometimes it must be said she does lack a bit of common sense

independent my arse :roll:

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Fishing Fury said...

I always wondered why they cal lit common sense, clearly it isnt that common at all!