Friday, 6 February 2009

bloody snow

well there i was in the middle of a fly order for 200 flys , so i says to my self well if i can get 100 done by last friday ill have a day on the trout syndicate water (big green kippers of course) so i bust my backside and get 110 done for friday night (i do a normal job at the weekends) so i gets the gear ready for the monday and bloody typical the white stuff comes down in bucket loads , and as the water is up in the hills it was frozen solid oh well theres always next week (got the flys done by wed though so thats a bonus) great my weekend job do my work and i can sit and do flies all day what a bonus he he

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Pike fly-fishing articles said...

It hasn't stopped snowing here for a week and have had to dig my way out of the front door twice.cant wait for the big thaw and spring to arrive.Think its time to sit down and make use of the new guinea fowl feathers I bought in South Africa.
Have a top weekend Mate