Thursday, 22 December 2011

merry christmas folks



its been a helluva year to be honest and I'm gearing up for next year all ready as i have lots of cool stuff going on , but id really like to say thanks to all who follow me on here and facebook and twitter i really do appreciate all the comments and mails i get from you folks its what keeps me going sometimes so merry Christmas to ya all and an extra big merry Christmas to my second family "the capseys" in Vermont and all my Friends who live in the state of Vermont


off course with the Christmas season upon us its nice to see my TV provider is putting on lots of family friendly festive programmes cant wait for that one over Christmas drinks

another extra special thanks go out to old Friend ad swier who sent me a lovely signed edition of his book which is also a fantastic read check out amazon or other sites for it , its called
Passion for Pike: The Challenge and Mystery of Fly-Fishing for Pike by ad swier really good read and thanks again pal for the package and a merry Christmas to you over in Holland

so with my fishing done now till February weather pending , and the weather in Scotland over the past few weeks being horrendous and putting paid to any planned trips i thought i may as well do some sorting out and maintenance on some gear and sort some boxes out ,
so first job is to make sure to slacken all the drags off your reels especially if you have cork drag rings , you should really do this after every trip , check your fly lies also for cracking and weak or damaged spots , worth checking your rods at this point make sure there is no grits in the sections etc and wipe them down with a damp warm cloth to get rid of mud and dirt etc .

i have quite a few different bags and boxes i have boat boxes , bank boxes light ,gear snatch boxes , species specific kit , etc etc so i need to sort all these out before next season so today I'm moving my day bag stuff back into my boat box , as if i do manage a quick trip out i can grab anything i need from the boat box and stick into my day bag .
so below is my below is my boat box i had to take a load of stuff out for a trip that i was walking the banks so didn't need and really didn't want to take a big box with me

this is my light bank /boat bag from my last trip the green bag on top has a load of leader type stuff , pre made leaders, traces , lead core etc along with some fly boxes the pockets of the bag has a couple of reels and some water bottles as well as unhooking gear

getting stuff out the box and bag ready for repacking and a box of clousers that i take absolutely everywhere with me

OK so all the flies are checked for faults and hook damage and put on the foam board in the lid of the box , these are patterns that i use quite a lot so will have a few handy for quick changeover and means i don't have to dig around in boxes for patterns when I'm on the water , i guess from this picture you can tell what my favorite colours of last season where

done and dusted

so that the box sorted ready for the new season , i still have a lot tying wise to keep me busy till then and I'm really hoping i can get out before then though , so I'm going to take a little blogging break till the start of the new year , what with the festive period and having my daughter staying over and working on new years eve and I'm also helping out serving Christmas dinner to some homeless people in Edinburgh (giving a little back) i wont have much time to do anything till new year


so with that I'm going to wish you all a great Christmas and a safe new year to every single one of you folks around the world

Dave Lindsay


a cave in Scotland


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