Wednesday, 21 December 2011

small fly stuff

OK so I'm pretty much known for my love of pike and predator fishing and fly tying , but it may surprise you to know that i do actually fish for other species as well perch , carp , trout species pretty much anything that swims and as much as i love tying flies my tying schedule for the predator stuff doesn't leave me a whole heap of time to make small stuff so that's were fast flies comes in ...
fast flies is a company i use when i need flies fast and cheap (well I'm Scottish) and these really do the job

these are a favorite for summer roach and carp that are digging in the mud
3 for 0.99 pence
and of course the dog nobblers , a classic pattern and a flie that perch absolutely love and i know a few monster big that have been taken on these as well and a bargain price of 0.99 pence for 3 that's value for money

so if you need some flies fast then check out the range from fast flies click on any picture

(please note i do not receive payment from fast flies as always i promote stuff that i know and use)

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