Tuesday, 21 February 2012

breamer streamers

welcome to a new blog

this blog has been set up to allow people to buy overstocks of my and others work also to allow you to find out easily where you can buy the finest predator flies on the planet , i believe the best flies you can buy are from guys who fish for the species they tie for , i mean would you buy a musky fly from somebody who has never fished for one , no i thought not .

i have many years experience in the way a fly behaves and how it needs to act in the water to catch a predator this experience goes into every fly i make and i have over 30 years of experience that is my bench mark .

there will also be links on this blog to other tiers , these guys also fly fish for the species they tye for and you can contact them direct from there links. most of the guy i know and have actually fished with

rest assured these guys know what they are doing so if your looking for some home grown killer flies this is the spot to be

(please note i do not charge for the links)

about my flies

i tie a lot of flies so lots of the time they end up in boxes never to see the light of day so this is a way to pass on stuff to anybody who needs it i will keep the blog updated as and when i post flies i will also update my facebook page when there is new flies for sale or any updates if you wish too add me on facebook look up " pike flies" or simply follow the blog


exclusive to deercreek is my latest creation the breamer streamer

made with gliss and glint plus this fly has just the right amount of flash to get a predators attention

designed to be fished with slow pulls sink and draw style this is an ideal clear water fly

get em while they last

check out the full limited edition range at deercreek click the picture


all flies are tied by me in Scotland i use only the finest quality materials and hooks

i do not outsource my flies

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