Friday, 6 April 2012

voodoo sex magic

there i was sitting in my living room watching a programme about the Roswell UFO crash and bang as happens with me i get an idea for a fly and just have to go and do it there and then because if i don't ill probably forget the pattern so i dived on through to the cave and set to work on what will be know hence forth as the atomic rooster ,why well i was sitting at the vice after having made a couple i decided to have a coffee so while i was making the drink i thought mmmmmm what will be a good name for it .

 bang into my head for no apparent reason was the old 70s rock band atomic rooster  and the track "Devil's Answer" i have absolutely no idea why that came into my head but the strange thing was that when i went back to the cave i put the radio on and the second track played was "devils answer" now I've not heard that played on the radio for at least 15 years and yet here it was , now  I'm quite a sceptic  but I'm on a trip tomorrow and I'm thinking this is the fly I'm going to use its got to be a sign

the atomic rooster

 as flies go this is really giving me a boner as although i haven't fished it yet i know its  going to have a killer movement a mix of bugger hackles ,buck tail,crinkle flash and nayat hair and tied on a  6/0 gamakatsu ultra point hook and finished with red deercreek gator eyes and a tack free head

slightly different version with dumbbell eyes and I've replaced the the red buck tail the top end of a red marabou feather 

 and in black one of my favourite go get em colours just now , looking forward to throwing it around tomorrow.
my Friend Paul was passing through Edinburgh and he is a mad keen fly fisher and has caught some fine specimens where he lives the only down side is although Paul is a keen pike fly fisher  there  isn't actually any pike where he lives as Paul live on an island called Shetland which is pretty much the end of the world but a stunningly beautiful place and if your a lover of trout well theres 500 odd lochs to wet your fly but none to good for the pike fisher

 so it was my pleasure to be able to take Paul out for the day after the razor gang on the fly , Paul was travelling light so i offered to bring lunch and drinks and anything else he needed , so we arranged to meet at mine at 5.30 am giving us plenty of time to get to the venue and giving Paul the maximum amount of time on the water before he had to leave .
Paul had booked into a hotel 20mins from my house close to Edinburgh airport and an easy enough run to mine so haven given given Paul my address and post code for the sat nav i headed to bed ready for an early start ,
i awoke at 4.29 just before the alarm went off and headed to the kitchen for a coffee and to make the sandwich's for the day , id planted to be outside my house at 5.15 am just in case Paul was early well turn out Paul's sat nav had other ideas

mmmmmm no Paul that's not my street

to save embarrassment to Paul and his sat nav that doesn't know where its going Paul arrived at my house at 7.30 am after taking a very long round trip via the coastline of Edinburgh much to my amusement Paul arrived suitable stressed out and apologetic but as i said no need to apologise these things happen

and so to the water

with the weather being so hot last week i had suspected that the fish may go into spawning mode at any time but it was still worth a cast just in case they wernt , we had had a couple of days of cold weather and a covering of snow and to be honest all that cold water wasn't going to make it easy for us that for sure , but sometimes you just have to fish when you can  and not when you'd like and Paul coming from and island with no pike well i was going to pull all the stops out and try and get him fish in the boat no matter what.

the mobile cave

when i boat fish i tend to have all the all the flies i want or may use on a massive foam patch inside the lid of my box this enables me to get a fly change very quickly i also get a buzz out of seeing the jaws of trout anglers drop open when i open the box in front of them "what on earth are they for they often ask" big trout i always reply i know you should extract the urine from these old game fishers but sometime i just can help myself .

so we fished in my usual haunts and we fished very hard after the first couple of hours i had that terrible feeling that it just wasn't going to happen today usually within the first hour i have a fish in the boat or a least a follow or turn on the fly so far there wasn't even a pluck at a fly , the only thing we could do was carry on casting and off course if all Else fails stick a subbug on 
 we carried on drifting the bay an a sure and steady pattern covering a lot of water when we reached the end of the drift i would take up the oars and row back up to the top of the drift and fish back down in a different lane this has always been a long favourite method of mine as you can cover a lot of water . Paul would cast out and troll the fly behind the boat till we get back to the top of the drift , he'd also opted for a change of fly and he stuck on one of my mcrattletail whistlers for the row back up .
just as well he did really as he picked up what was to be the only fish of the day and thankfully it fell to Paul's rod (i told him i was going to get him a fish today) only a small jack but on a day like this any fish is welcome , the one thing we did notice is that this little jack was full of eggs and although not yet spawned it was a sure sign that love indeed was in the air .

after this we continued to fish as the predicated cloud cover arrived which meant that hopefully the fish would turn on if it was going to happen then it would be from now , i did have a couple of fish follow and turn away half hearted at the boat which always gets the blood pumping 

i decided to change over to one of my favourite flies a black subbug fished on an intermediate line and on authanic wire for maximum movement , as you can see the black subbug looks really like a bait fish in the water how could a fish resist (today quite easily)

by late afternoon the sun had come back out and the snow clad hills had started to show there colour as the snow started to melt releasing lots more lovely freezing cold water into to loch what we needed mmmmm not oh well at least i was getting to try out lots of new flies for movement and shape in the water and i got a follow on one of the new patterns so that to me was all good .

i decided that in order to give Paul every possibility and the best possible chance of catching a fish id put my rod down and take up the oars and row very slowly right around the the edges of the bay letting him cast into the bankside cover that runs all the way round the bay this way he would be able to cover a lot of water and the best possible places to get a fish

after an hour or so of rowing around the edges back and forth we decided with heavy heart that indeed it just wasn't going to happen today so we set off back to base , but although the mission wasn't completely unsuccessfully in the fact that id said i would get him a pike today  which i did although not quite the fearsome beast of the deep a pike is a pike , but i must say Paul was great company and the day passed very quickly and i really look forward to fishing with him again soon the next time he escapes the island 

Paul is also a very talented artist
i really like Paul's work if your interested in seeing some more of his work or your looking for a new piece of artwork for the lodge please take a look at his website you wont be disappointed

a big apology goes out to Friend Brian price over at Vermont fly guys , last time i was over there i borrowed a spool of fluro while out chasing fish , I've just discovered the spool stuck in a pocket of my waist coat , Brian has since forgiven me for my sins and told me to hang on to the spool , i shall of course take him a tin of haggis next time I'm over there by way of apology ......
a fantastic promotion offer
the guys over at are offering a free spool of authanic wire if you spend £25.00 now its very easy to spend that on the site so get on over there and pick up a spool of the greatest development in pike fly fishing

OK so I've received some fantastic new stuff from the chaps over at so ill be playing with this and my next post will have a few new ideas for you to think about
till then have a great weekend
(a cave in scotland

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