Tuesday, 25 June 2013

captain haddock rides again

so the planned trip was Friday last week and looking at the weather yet again it was looking slightly ropy with a steady 14mph westerly forecast but speaking to to Stevie the owner he said that a westerly wouldn't really affect the loch so it was all systems go , for about the 8th week running gear was placed in the hall (much to the annoyance of her who i cant utter her name before darkness and only if there's a priest to hand) flies checked a million times we were good to go.

we have a slight electric engine problem at the moment it only has one speed (fast) and no reverse bearing this in mind it took captain haddock an hour to get out the harbor as you can clearly notice the boat is going one way and captain haddock is facing the other

so eventually he gets to the loading point and we get the gear ready and the boat stacked , on the plus side the westerly forecast wasn't really bothering the loch to much and the sun wernt to bright plenty of cover and although it wasn't to good for subbuggin i was confident that fish would be caught today and hopefully the destroyers 1st double if all went to plan. 

fishery owner stevie came down to tell me there was no way i was going out on the loch looking like that , thanks for that gok .............always good for a laugh and a funny story is stevie no doubt he would be out latter with the motley crue to tell us how we should fish and where wed gone wrong he still catches more bloody perch than i do though

so with captain haddock facing the wright way we were off full of anticipation as this has been such a slow start to the year as if you follow this blog you'll know why , mother nature throwing all sorts at us on the days we were supposed to fish , but at least the fly boxes were full as we tied bucket loads on our forced days off  

and were off

the sun had come out again and our favorite corner was very still , i just had a feeling that the lucky unwashed hoorag was going to bring me luck today and bang 2nd cast pike banged the fly and it was season started and a much relived me

wasn't a beast from the deep but those that know me know that's not what im about i was glad to have one in the boat stunning creatures pike big small whatever they all fight like sink on the fly quite interesting as well the trace is an authanic wire trace which i had on all last year and is still good gotta love the stuff if you aint tried it click the link in the side menu and go get some 

and then i nailed another , hell they like those new flies id only last week got these new eyes from deercreek and was testing them out huh guess they worked then 

plenty of jack fun , love catching these on the fly so much fun and so dam sporting they never give up great fun 

lunchtime and the destroyer is obviously delighted to be getting leftovers . i had a healthy lettuce salad so was finished ages before he had and as we were sat quite close to a lovely looking ambush point i decided to stick on a small clouser type fly and have a quick cast while he was finishing his 8th doughnut 

and first cast i hit a quick one out got to love it when that happens , much to the destroyers disgust

the weather gods again were to throw a quick rain storm at us and the black clouds started to accumulate behind us so we know a quick soaking was imminent but we can deal with that as long as the bloody wind stays away , you know its funny that all action even knocks and bumps fade away a few hours before a quick downpour that will be that low pressure thing although ive caught fish in the rain before always just before a downpour it goes weird .....

if you have decent wet weather gear you can carry on fishing without to much of a problem although when you have a boat partner with the casting ability of a baboon you have to watch for low flying flies and imagine if the rain hadn't started and i hadn't put my hood up id have got that in the back of the head ,would have made a good picture though 

just after the rain had passed i got what was to be the biggest fish of the day just tipping the scales at 10lb a really thick fish took a size 2/0 portmore lightning and fought light a banshee just need to get the destroyer his first double now im sure it wont be long

the destroyer got into some fish though and although like most of the fish we had to the boat wernt massive by pike standards but and heres the big but , for me and indeed the destroyer it not about big fish i never have and never wanted to be a look at me big fish guy , we really dont care what size they are as long as they are on the fly , don't think these people you see with 25lb plus fish go out and catch one first cast oh hell no .........enjoy every single one you catch no matter what size as long as its on the fly that's all the counts 

the destroyer with a beautifully marked fish just got to love them

and hes into another pike fly fishing is a funny old game after a quiet spell the destroyer had 3 fish in 3 casts and i had the 10lb fish then it died a death well we had 14 fish to the boat altogether which i thought was quite a good day and finally got a start which felt really good  

for the love of the tug thats what its all about 

by the time you read this i will have been at the bffi with the other crazy's from the deercreek pro team for a weekend so expect a full report next blog 4 guys a bottle of Jurua whisky and a hotel room , it aint pretty folks ........heres a sample and this was on the way home 

see ya latter folks 
(a cave in Scotland)

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