Tuesday, 4 June 2013


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nice to see some fish starting to be caught including this fine example from brother ken from Vermont fly guys. nice work 

i however have been nowhere near water or even the sniff of a fish lately , in between family matters fly orders and bloody awful weather on the days me and the destroyer were supposed to be out has pretty much killed it lately it has to said the weather this year so far has been for me the most bizarre ive ever seen but hopefully things seem to be settling out now so fingers crossed it stays that way , well at least on the days me and the destroyer are fishing 

so when theres an extened downtime it dosnt go to waste as i end up back on the vice filling boxes that are full to bursting allready but you can never have to many so heres what up

fried alive made with some waste ep and a back of copper flash angel hair

 tied on 2/0 hooks these little flies are just starting to become the go too flies in my box i mean if you'd told me a few years ago that small 2 and 3 inch flies would be the killer pattern for pike i would have laughed but seriously if you haven't tried smaller flies for pike you really should

another fried alive tied on a 2/0 with ep fiber and mixed with copper flash and tipped with deercreeks awesome gator eyes no better on the market eye wise 

another mixed with green ep flash , i like mixing ep flash into fibers but at 6 quid a pack aint the cheapest way of doing it , sooner or later ill come across a product that matches it for half the price and don't worry ill let you in on it when i find it , i really think these backs should be around £4.00 a pack which would be a lot fairer i think , i mean even ep fibers are creeping up to stoopid process in fact i haven't bought any for a while as ive been mostly been on the gliss and glint plus as its cheaper and has built in flash check it out

still playing with fisheadz from deercreek there putting out some great new heads check the website for details , ive just about (after a few failed attempts ) got he tying right on these and got them looking great as in the water thanks to another deercreek pro team member who uses a material in a way id never think to use or to even use feathers id been using bucktail but more on that another time ...........

ive also been on a natural materials kick lately as well i mean that's what i started off on all those years ago so its really nice to get back to it and to be honest there so bloody effective as well , sometime we do tend to lose sight on older materials as new materials come along , ive got so much bloody stuff in drawers and boxes sometimes i come across a material by accident and think "oh very cool i could make well you know the score" so good to revisit some old school tying methods now and again 

alien creatures 

well not so much from another planet , these are designed for perch and have lots of vibration and movement these are tied on some really cool streamer hooks that brother ken sent me a while ago look forward to using these 

more like a wolly bugger with legs but im sure it will work of course knowing my luck ill fish these on the 7wgt for perch and end up up having a big double on them aint that just the way in fishing , but im determined to get a perch this year ......... 

so i was just about to wrap the blog up last week when i had a packet arrive and it contained some awesome new eyes from www.deercreek.co.uk and here what i came up with 

using gliss and glint plus and the new eyes i think i came up with some killer patterns 

just check those sexy eyes i mean there's just so much you could do with these and ive really only just scratched the surface with these watch this space 

ive seen some crazy assed fly fishing videos before and to be honest i thought id seen everything until i saw the video of brian brice from vermont fly guys on an ironing board playing a rather large carp on a fly rod crazy arsed rednecks lol good job friend haven't laughed that much in ages i thought it was going to tow you clear to Scotland 


i smell the fear fish were comin for ya 

(a cave in Scotland)

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