Friday, 2 August 2013

kicking back with Mr esox and Mr destroyer

So it had to happen at some point I spring cleaned the cave , well I say spring clean it was more like chucking stuff back in boxes where they belong as you may be aware this is only my temp cave until I get my own room back so after I had half tided it (there’s storage boxes  on the left hand side outa site) and hovered the floor and stuff I went and checked out a few of my favourite blogs starting with a fly tier who I respect immensely for his downright awesome patterns and that’s dron over at this guy is simply amazing and his latest pattern was no exception . No as dron himself says just this isn’t his pattern it’s just his take on it

So I looked at this pattern and thought im just going to have to ramp it up for pike so I followed the very simple steps on his blog and came up with my take on his fly and came up with what you see below

I varied slightly from drons pattern in that I used gatso from piketrek for the body for no other reason than I didn’t have the same material as dron and to be honest after I had tied it a really thought it wasn’t going to be and issue as from looking at it and shaking it around a bit it would I thought work the same …………..

First cast and two twitches and bang that kinda proved that worked a few more will be hitting the fly box in various colors.


The pike in the picture was one of 10 that me and the destroyer had to the boat last week on a rare half decent weather day although it was quite bright and supposedly that’s rubbish for pike fishing but last year we had our best day numbers wise on a day that was actually hotter than today so who knows I suppose that’s why we go fishing and for a change the destroyer had the first fish of the day …..And he landed it 

Another one with a tiny head and a big body great scrappy fight and no matter what the size its always good to get that first one in the boat ……..

As we were in the shallow bay I decided to put a subbug on and then things got a little bonkers fish wise I was hitting one in 5 fish as you do with top water stuff I even had one come and swirl and miss 30ft from the boat I mean we are talking torpedo swipe here and it scared the life outa the destroyer I never understand how they can miss but they do great fun on the fluff everyone’s a challenge and a joy 

As we were on our way to our spot first thing we noticed a float tuber on the loch and as we passed we said hello and exchanged pleasantry’s and we headed to our spot , after a while we stopped for lunch and the float tuber started to paddle our way “we have a visitor destroyer say nothing and hide the flies” as it turns out it was friend and casting instructor and general really nice bloke will shaw (thing is im blind as a bat and didn’t realise it was will as he had his glasses and hat on …………lol

Will had beem (as we had notiched) leathering the fish out on his new secret method (sworn to secrecy here so I cant say no more) …….so we had a chat and a laugh and he floated of for what he said was his last cast although he was still floating around 2 hours later and still catching, nice to have a catch up as id not been down to orvis for a few months as id been a bit busy..

Conan with a lovely marked jack, check the colors on that tail no wonder hes smiling 

The subbug claims another such a devastating pattern especially in the summer months this fish was caught later in the day and things died completely after this fish , as happens in pike fishing the dinner bell rings then they all turn off , so we decided on trying for some perch 

So we headed down to the perch spot and I changed to small clouser minnow tied directly to the authentic wire , I actually felt quite confident as the sun dipped and the thought of small predators on the prowl I actually though I was in with a good chance of catching indeed also the destroyer was feeling the love so we anchored up and started to fish , and fish and fish and fish and fish in fact we fished for an hour over the spot without even so much as a tap , one day I will catch another enormous perch like I had a few years ago , in the meantime I just laugh at my efforts to deliberately target one …

So with a beautiful sunset over fantastic water which kept its bigger secrets for another week me and the destroyer to headed back to mine for a cuppa and arranged the next trip? not this week however as the kids were on school holidays and the destroyer was on holiday for a week camping somewhere (seriously dude this is Scotland) as it turns out the weather got the better of that idea so that’s another story ……….

 Me well im back in the cave this week as I have a shed load of fly orders that came in over a couple of days so I need this week to get those done and out the door so here is where youll find me if you need me if im asleep just leave a note ……..oh and yea yea ive heard all the cousin it jokes J

Pike adventures with ken capsey 

My brother from another mother ken capsey from has been a bit quite on his blog since Sept last year this was due to the brother being really busy with other projects and catching fish , I spoke to the other day and he has promised to get back on the case with his blog……… come on bro we miss your shit

Till next time fly tying friends
Your humble cave dweller
(a cave in scotland)

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I used to have a cave, but the wife needed it for a sewing room. She said I could have it back, that was 2 years ago.