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Subbuggin 36 not out

Subbuggin 36 not out

a battered and tattered 2 season subbug finally lost an eye after a particularly savage attack from esox over the past couple  of years (yup designed to last these baby's) so I decided that rather than put it into retirement (the body was still sort of OK) id just spruce it up a bit and stick a couple of new eyes on 

So after gently cutting behind the eye the tattered remains are put to one side and a small amount of five min epoxy is mixed up and placed were the old eyes used to be, then is just a case of putting the new ones on and holding in place until the epoxy cures

And there you have it, as good as new (well sort off)

I actually added a little more epoxy at the front of the eye as a bit of an experiment weight wise and to see if it would make any difference in the action when fished (but more on that later)

Talking of subbugs I had a large order of subbugs to do so I hunkered down in the cave with some planet rock radio and got stuck in , each bug takes approximately 45 mins to make as I never rush them and I make each turn of the thread bombproof and I mean lets face facts if you buy a spun deer hair fly from an African tying house they will not last more than a few fish I know ive seen one fall apart after 2 fish , esox really go to town on subbugs so you need to really know to protect the tie on every single step of making them which is why they take so bloody long but it is a labor of love if the truth be told and the winning color this season , well ill let you guess from the picture above J


I had a friend down passing through the neighborhood and I owed him a day on my local as the last time he was on it was bloody cold and miserable and the wind was really not being very nice at all , so we planned a day and hit the water , I have also decided that im going to be using subbugs for pretty much until October at least as I have a lot of new ideas for them so I only grabbed my top water box (yes there’s a couple of poppers in there but they have now been taken out the box) and because quite frankly they are a devastating pattern .

This is ideal bug water getting them in about the weed where the predators lurk and when the hits come they really do come hard usually with a massive splash of a vicious take you really have to witness these things hitting bugs on the surface quite incredible heart stopping action .

Paul my friend was obviously pleased that only 2 casts in this one hit the subbug on the surface, this was one of 7 or 8 fish he he caught and at least ten throwing or missing the fly on the surface, I think altogether we had around 36 fish hitting the subbugs it was quite manic heart stopping sport and fantastic fun you just cant beat it


I used only 4 subbugs that day in the colors you see above, and yes there’s 2 black ones as one has a stinger hook (I was trying to convert some of those short strikes into fish in the boat) the small articulated fly was in the box and I had it on at the start of the day but I find it hard to fish anything else when I have subbugs with me, so it only got wet for around 10 mins 

Subbug pike crack , they just couldn't get enough of that crunchy esox crack great seeing a pike clear the water after one of these …..


Not as far fetched as it sounds to be honest , the pike were striking sticklebacks on the surface and I had just pulled my line in ready for another cast when I decided to take the picture above , my target was actually behind the ring where there were sticklebacks on the surface but as I took the picture a pike stuck its nose out of the water and took a gulp of bait now in a flash my mind went back to my last days fishing with brother ken on lake Champlain when a largemouth bass had struck a shoal of small baitfish behind the boat .

That time id been in mid cast with a crease fly and id let the fly drop right on the ring on the back cast and hooked the fish so I thought this aint no different if I can get a fly on it while its still there ive got a great chance of actually hooking it, so in a split second id dumped the camera and cast a subbug right on top of it first pull and bang it was on in a flurry of spray, teeth grinding, and general bad attitude. 

Being hooked so close to the boat it took off like a rocket. But the trusty pikesaber did the job yet again. And funnily enough on the repaired subbug I spoke of at the start , now Paul had more fish than me today but he was using a method id not even thought about for subbugs before so im going to play with his idea next week and with his permission ill write about it in the next blog , but if he dosnt want it shared then that’s cool but it’s a really interesting concept ……..and it works

In the boat after a short fight and released to fight another day a stunningly marked Scottish predator that fought like an Atlantic salmon just gotta love em 

 So as the sun started to go down the fish completely turned of and myself and Paul decided to head back to mine for a cup of well earned coffee , I have to also give a massive shout out to Paul who also bought me some black country *pork scratchings and and 4 bottles of banks bitter you’re a star mate and they were awesome thanks again.

 *for my American readers who may not be aware of what pork scratching are heres a link


Poor destroyer was in despair at two doubles coming to the boat when hes so tantalizingly close to getting his first double figure pike (this week pal) so to make up for it I decided to take him after another species on his hit list saltwater bass , now cracking the saltwater isn't the easiest thing so to get him hooked up I decided to take his to a local spot where there was a pretty good chance of getting a schoolie bass and getting a point on the leader board .

As the tide started to rise I was very confident , the water was lovely and warm and clear , I could actually see the odd flash of silver baitfish now and again as the tide rose I was electrified and so bloody focused on what I was doing I really was in that very special place that we fly anglers go when we are in the zone and you just know that your fly is working perfectly in fact so well you can almost sense the fish behind it , trying to decide to take it or not you can just sense it ……

Strike one a nice little school bass to start and we were off and running, even as I was casting the chap with the lure rod next to me said he could see fish chasing my fly, the destroyer was just about 15 feet above me and I was sure he would be next but then something very strange happened .

We should have been absolutely smoking fish out over the next hour but it died a death big time even the lure chucker’s weren't catching and if they aint catching on the rubber sand-eels then nobody is going to catch, we fished the tide right up and the only thing we saw being caught was mullet on bread (and I didn't have bread flies with me) , I really cant put a finger on why it died a death did sharks move in , did they see the destroyers legs , the wind changed halfway through was it that or was it that way out to see we could sea gannets diving on something was this sand-eels or small bait-fish , or maybe there were seals around (didn't sea any though) I really don’t know but no other bass were caught that day .

Mabey somebody who fly fishes for bass a lot more often than me could mail me if they have any idea as I only dabble in saltwater fly fishing and don’t claim to be and expert but id be interested to know what would cause this sudden turn off


Massive cool well done to brother ken in the states who did a 52 inch musky at the weekend awesome fish bro and taken on a pikesaber, who says it’s a rubbish rod …

Till next time fellow loonies
(a cave in Scotland)

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