Sunday, 17 July 2016

the best laid plans and all that


so got some time to go fishing for an evening session at the loch of menteith (i refuse to call it the lake out of principle ) so the session was to be a 5 till 11pm job and to be honest i was quite excited to be out afloat chasing big greens , so boxes were changed and larger flies were loaded in i was as ready as i could be ..

so all i had to do was wait for graham the pervert to pick me up 

so graham the twink turns up in this summers must have look in fingerless hooded top which makes a change as he usually wares gloves all the time actually i once asked him why he always has gloves on and he mumbled something about leaving fingerprints and then refused to say anymore hmmmmm  

so anyway we hit the road and although we had checked the weather and it said windy it was a bit disheartening to see this sign (and it wasnt warning of grahams arse for a change)  , never been a fan of chucking monster flies around in high winds can be hazardous to health 

a few pics on the callander road on the way up, looking a bit grim 

blahhh welcome to Scotland in summer i mean jesus if your a tourist youd be as well going somewhere where its going to be hot in the summer well except the middle east i mean that can be really more hazardous to health than chucking 6/0 hooks around in high winds i mean you could actually loose you head  over there anyway 

we got to menteith and stood and looked at the water and deliberated with the great pudgy pervert and we walked back to the car park to find dynamo daz and nae facefook but got one now nicky 

we found them and had a chat , they were still going out but having walked back to the water it was actually blowing worse and to be honest myself and captain buttplug have done our fairshare of being in boats on lumpy waters and i just dont enjoy that anymore so it was looking kinda like it wasn't going to happen 

so by this time it really looked like it wasnt going to happen 

although we spotted an ewok trout fisher rude little fecker as well he dropped his bottle of irn brew and graham the dom said "excuse me mate you dropped your drink" the feckin little shite totally ignored him what an ignorant douche bag 

so i took a few shots of the boats coming in to the harbor , i say harbor loosely its actually a beach i mean theve done a great job upgrading the building and cafe area for the tourists but really can they not have some kind of floating dock not that hard to do really or maybe thats in there plans , hope its bloody soon though.  

 so back up plan 

we headed back into the car park to speak with the mongs and tell them the plans , they were still setting up there gear and to be honest these 2 are bonkers and would go out no matter what 

daz had 2 set ups , nice flies fella and he had one of the shakespear agility fly rods , now got to say these rods are amazing value for money and cast like a dream great rods for the price unless of course your a tackle tart and prefer big name overpriced stuff because you think it makes you a better angler pfffft 

nicky just had the one rod with a large awesome looking streamer on it , i actually felt for nicky nae balls tonight because it was quite lumpy out there and hes just had an operation (although i cant say what) id imagine it would be quite painfull sitting down on a hard boat seat bouncing up and down "ouch"

pastures less windy we were bound , actually we were heading to another venue and after the quick ok from the owner we headed up there 

gotta love this view "stirling castle" Stirling Castle, a Scots royal fortress, occupied by the English, was under siege by the Scottish army. The English king,Edward II, assembled a formidable force to relieve it. This attempt failed, and his army was defeated in a pitched battle by a smaller army commanded by the King of Scots, Robert the Bruce. yup we sent them home to think again 

still quite a haunting and imposing view , so we settled down to the hour or so journey to the next venue  and i listened to graham moan on about the price of kebabs these days and how the price of hookers has gone up to unsustainable levels and we also had a fascinating conversation about quantum physics  and the journey seemed to zoom by , always great company with kojaks stunt double 

so we arrived at the gate of the next venue and the wind although still blowing was looking favorable as we would be sheltered from the worst of it and the boat fishing would be quite comfortable and best of all i knew we would catch fish here so not a total disaster .

well that was until i couldnt get the combo lock to work i mean i struggled for 15 mins and couldnt get the bloody thing open , so with heavy heart we both decided it was a sign from the fish gods that we should in fact be at home with our loved ones , well in grahams case totally destroying his wifes  pampering session to herself you know bath and nails and a rom com hahahahahahahaha   

so that was that then oh well least we tried , i spoke with daz the heartbreaker and him and nicky na balls said that although it was quite lumpy to start with they did get some good calm drifts and daz had one small jack to the next and quite a few follows from larger fish but you know you have to take the rough with the smooth and well shit happens but gotta say cheers to graham for a great laugh as always 

big and sparkly

a couple of big flies that i did for menteith using magnum flashbou 

ive done a step by step for these flies which ill upload next week these are really easy to make and highly effective 

and best of all they are ultra light and highly mobile 

was digging around in the boxes of doom and found a few bits of material that were crying out to be used 

this fly is made up of some future fly materials that i had been given as samples quite impressed with it there site is at where you should be able to find local stockists in your country 

i looked at the fly and thought you know i could pimp it a bit so turned it into a perch pattern , fairly impressed with the results and again massive thanks to nick the greek at deer creek for providing the dogs bollocks eyes click the link in the side menu for the full range 

and with that i must go prepare for my week at work although i think im meeting up with graham the twinkle fairy for some mackerel fishing later in the week so stay tuned 

later folks 

(being a pilot in a cave in scotland)

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