Thursday, 7 May 2009

bullet flies

was in my local Orvis store the other day and noticed they had some really small sea bass flies made to look like small sand eels , now i was looking at this fly and thought that would be nice ramped up to pike fly size so out came the 4/0 hooks and these are the result of my first attempt at a monster version of said sand eel fly , now these flies are about 4 and a half inch's longs and are mostly buck tail with a soft body/head made from loon soft head , now I'm pretty sure from looking at them that they will catch fish but I'm pretty sure they will cast like a bullet as well (hence the name) all i need to do i think is refine them a bit

i do that quite a lot ill see something like a sea bass or salt water fly and think if i change certain eliminates of that fly it would make a great fly for pike so its always worth having a look around and think outside the box

if you click on the picture you also get a close up look

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