Wednesday, 6 May 2009

deep water thoughts

im off for a 2 dayer in june on a boat which requires the flys to be pretty much dragged on the deck in 20/25 ft of water and really you want to be getting your fly down into the zone quite fast so uber fast sink lines is the name of the game but you still need your fly to be hard on the bottom as well so this is what i came up with , the flys without the metal heads have lead wire on the hook shank as well as dumbell eyes , i also wetted 2 of the flies to make sure the profile was going to be right


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Nice looking flies Dave,cant say I have done much deep fly fishing over here well not as deep as what It looks like you will be doing.
Tight lines

David Edwards said...

Relying on getting down to them rather than enticing them up?? :-)

inu said...

These are wonderful flies.
I thought that the Rockfishes in Japan seemed to be able to use it.

dave lindsay said...

thanks inu you do some pretty mean flys yourself