Friday, 29 May 2009

changes afoot

well have decided for the time being that my website over at spanglefish is now going to be a site dedicated to step by step fly tying for of course pike as well as all sorts of predatory fish , i really just need to take some time out for myself and get back into enjoying what i do which is fly tying as a hobby and if i can help somebody along the way to catch there first fish on a home made fly then brillient my job is done .

theres far to many money grabbing tossers in the world and i dont want to be part of that i just want to fish and tie flys so please jump over to my website

to see what im up to , i will try to add a new step by step every week or mabey even a couple if i get the time

i will still have the fly tying cd for sale this basiclly allows me to buy materials hence the cheap price millionaire me er no thanks

tight lines all

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Anonymous said...

You got my support Dave.....need anything just shout....Ken