Monday, 1 June 2009

a new way of thinking

alright folks i have now completely changed my main website over at Ive now changed it into a resource site for predator fly anglers , you will be able to see fly designs that will catch you fish no matter where in the world you are or what you fish for , follow step by step guides to tying some of my best patterns , i hope you enjoy the new look and it will be of some use to you

i shall be adding new step by steps hopefully as time allows once a week , also if you want to know how to tie a fly you've seen somewhere on the net i will also do a step by step for these by request at no cost just mail me and ill see what i can do.

a big massive thanks goes out to my mate Simon grahem over at pike fly fishing articles for words of encouragement and stopping me losing my mind i came really close mate......see you out on the loch mcfluffchucker (a cave in scotland)


pikepicker said...

Thanks for the fly pattern dave tore up the pike with it for and hour tonite!

dave lindsay said...

pleasure mate