Wednesday, 10 June 2009

a couple of things

well so I'm going away for my birthday traditional birthday fish weekend at the end of June so the thing is i had a think about what to take or to tie and well ill be targeting pike , zander and perch with possibly the odd chub as well so theres only one fly that's going to do the bizz silver sparklers well thats the plan anyway

trouble is though you have a really good day fly tying and you end up with nowhere to store them , well ive got a big cork pin board that i use its easy tie fly extend hand to the left stick fly on board now this works quite well until you end up with a few hundred flies looking for a home so as im really not going to go buy anymore finsport wallets at stupid money a go ive reverted to the old video boxes with foam stuck inside perfect and really cheap these days although i know its only a matter of time before ill be needing more , i have an idea for a fly hooo hummmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

thats a great idea dave! Ken

dave lindsay said...

works really well people used to use them over here before fancy fly boxes turned up