Thursday, 4 June 2009

check these crazys out

theres a lot of blogs around out there in webland and i checked into this site and realised id stumbled into the fly fishing psyc ward these guys are nuts check out there older posts as well there latest post is below as a sampler nuts , i think im going to be a reular visitor ,enjoy ....................

Uh, WTF? Quick, get Will Smith on the line!

Apparently there is some fucked up stuff in the water in mexico.

I don't know about you, but if I pulled this thing out of the deep, I would throw it back as fast as possible and start scanning the skies to make sure the mother ship wasn't about to vaporize my boat.

Ratfish? Bullshitfish! Who knows what they dump in the water down there in Mexico. We have got to step it up here in the good ol' US of A, because Blinky don't have shit on this dude.

And don't you believe that for one second that this creature is dead. It's just waiting, and I feel sorry for the poor scientist that starts to cut it open just to have some spiked tentacles shoot out into his brain and turn him into a human puppet, bending him to its will, going on a fish taco fueled killing spree.

Drug cartel wars, kidnappings, Montezuma's revenge, watery mutant-seal-shark-chicken-alien critters plotting the downfall of man. Mexico kicks ass

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pikepicker said...

that's freakin funny dude. Looks like some brain sucking catfish..