Wednesday, 24 June 2009

a new website

hi all and firstly many thanks to all the thousands of visitors to my blog and glad I'm keeping you all amused with my inane musings

i have for a while been doing more of a hobby than anything a little thing called project on the fly , the aim of this site was to show just what could be done and caught with a fly rod mostly because some idiots in major clubs in this country think we are putting pike at risk by catching them with flies well how blinkered and narrow minded are they so enjoy the site

if you wish to contribute a pic or become a become a Friend of the site buy sending me loads of pics then the details are on the site , i have an exciting plan for later on in the year which all can be involved in no matter where they are in the world .

hop on over and take a peak , this site is of course a bit of a hobby and a work in progress so keep checking back here's the link (there is a clikable link in the menue under best fly fishing websites)

thanks again fly fishing Friends worldwide


Rob said...

How does catching a fish on a fly hurt them any more or less than if it were on spinning gear?

dave lindsay said...

hi rob does a hell of a lot less damadge than a a lure with 2 or 3 dirty great trebles hanging from them mate

Rob said...


i never understood why a lot of the lure companies do that. i like to take off at least one set of trebles on those types of lures but the problem is, the suspending lures tend to float after modification.