Tuesday, 30 June 2009

dosnt always go the way it should

well back from my trip to the fens a great weekend was had although the fish were not to obliging in the heat but managed a couple

we stayed for a couple of days in a lovely hotel close to the venue and served only the freshest of fare like this cream for my coffie below (er not)

the fishing was really hard but on the plus side i had some spey casting lessons from pffa chairmen peter jones here he is in action

unfortunatly after one cast it was all to much for peter so he had to go and have a kip

also a bit of a bummer was we wanted to fish the river delph and the old bedford we drove around for hours but couldnt find them so gave up looking for them

the zander which i really wanted to get were not coming out to play at all due to the bright light conditions but i had a fish of around 7 pounds follow my fly right to the bloody rod tip but nothing i did could make that fish take so near yet so far , the zander were all holed up under the bushes you can see in the back ground and even my fav fly couldnt tempt them out of there

but the thing is catching fish is always a bonus i just went for the crack

just like to say a big thanks to peter jones and his mrs michele for there hospitallity over the couple of days i was there "fukin game init"

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Anonymous said...

glad you had fun Dave.....Crack Kills! HA! Ken