Friday, 12 August 2011

back to the grindstone

so back to my favorite thing tying flies and I'm happy to say the whole thing has come together nicely and I'm starting to get into the swing of things as to where everything is

i had a request from a Friend to do him some big pike tubes , as you know I'm not a massive fan of tube flies for pike but he wanted to try them so why the hell not tie some up for him , his request was was something incorporating green / gold / and orange so i set to work

the first thing i did was get some of piketreks creature skin now this works pretty fantastic for body's as you get a great bait fish belly kind of shape and it seems to fit really nicely on a long tube the tube above is about 3.5 inch's long so all I've done here is tie it down at each end to get that belly shape

the finished product 6 inch's of rather nifty looking pike tube fly bait fish

you can see the rather cool shape better when its lying down , rigging this is quite simple really , just either use a normal wire trace through the center of the fly and attatch hook or take what i would consider the best wire for the job authanic from predator bite the reason is with authanic if you want to change your fly all you do is simply cut of the hook and re tie another fly on , this takes no extra time than if you were changing a normal fly .


again as i said though I'm not a convert to tubes for pike but i think they would have there place in a zander / walleye fly fishers kit as these fish can sometimes just nip at the back of a fly so therefor it stands to reason that a tube would probably produce more fish to the boat than an ordinary j hook

so i got to thinking what other applications you could use tubes for well poppers may be a good one so I'm making a few up and sending them other to brother ken for a testing (if the post office can get them there before winter )

i got as far as getting the foam popper head on the tube , the foam by the way is another great find from the tech dept at piketrek (uncle Greg to you and me) this stuff is highly buoyant and takes a sticky holographic paper really well , comes in big lengths as well so you can get quite a few poppers out of it awesome value for money ...


so with that another week passes and i have an invite to go fish a place next week that will be a travel light job so should be interesting getting kit together for that so watch this space and if your fishing this week hope you get a few tugs

tight lines


(a cave in Scotland)

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