Monday, 8 August 2011

done and dusted and ready to rock n roll

that's that done then , new desk is built ,well a few final tweaks over the coming weeks will more than likely happen but pretty much 99% there , its been a painful few weeks as i have ideas going through my head and i cant get them down at all on a hook as the things are all packed away , i do however have a new idea for a new set of pike tubez that will be sold through nick over at deercreek hopefully by the end of this week all being well and I'm well excited about these ...


so back to the desk , well i used to have my own room in the house that pretty much was a tying room but then my son had the cheek to be born and the room was going to be needed so i had to re think everything , and the ideal solution was to use me and the wife's bedroom , what i hear you cry "how the hell do you get away with that" well actually we have a massive bedroom and being married not a lot besides sleeping goes on so with the aid of a couple of big tasteful screens I'm able to have a great work area with some great natural light and without disturbing the wife's karma .


well it was all working well and good and if you follow my blog you'll know that i do churn quite a few flies out and love to invent new patterns . until that dreaded day when the wife says to me "darling i think we should decorate the bedroom" well i wasn't going to get away with just hot doing my bit so i had to pack the lot up and just do it . well i finished the room and her indoors was delighted with the grey look , and to be honest it does look good so she was well happy with the job and the new furniture . so i kinda guessed it was maybe time to do a slight redesign of the back area of it and just have shelves along the back so they were duly built and as you can see i needed just to unpack everything ..........

OK ill tell you now i only use scrap wood when I'm doing stuff like this and even the last reincarnation like this one is done with wood that would have otherwise been chucked into a landfill so please don't have a go at my carpentry skills , as you can see from the picture above i have a fair bit of stuff to unpack and i had planned to do it on sat just gone , but it was our first wedding anniversary and if i even went near fishing gear on that day it would have been the only anniversary i had to wait till today

for now I'm just sticking my rods at one end of the bench i shall build a box for them to keep them secure and tidy i mean a man can never have enough rods really can he , i do have a storage space for all my flies and tackle but the rods don't fit in that space so here is where they will have to live , not a problem for me really and when the screens across you cant see them anyway

OK so unpacking begins in Ernest and i think I've done a good job in my thinking of how I'm going spread the resources on the desk , i need to know where stuff is i don't want to be raking through box after box for a long shanked 6/0 every time i want to tie a fly or think mmmm i know i had a pack of size 24s somewhere for those roach flies , so labeled plastic boxes is the way to go for me just now , and i also have a clearly defined area to tie on i.e the pine square of wood at the front of the desk which also has a cork board behind it to stick scissors and dubbing needles and anything else sharp works for me although you may have done it differently but a desk is a very personal thing

so a few boxes on and the fly board up and things are going well

most of the boxes in and filled with assorted goodies and i have a great area of space to work in and still with a lot of natural light during the day as you can see from the picture

no desk is complete of course without a coffee cup on it and i actually only had 3 cups while i was doing this and it took most of the day to do

and a cool cave it is as well

plastic storage boxes work really well as you can write on them with permanent marker and if you change the box contents you can just wipe the writing of with a damp cloth , and yes that really is my wife's hair , she cuts her own and being a natural redhead the colour is perfect for crayfish and shrimp patterns and something were a bit of a rusty colour is needed , and of course its also infused with the female pheromone which is supposed to attract fish , must be something in it as it works with blokes ..........

you can see from this shot how useful the cork board is and with it being so close to the tying area everything is bang to hand , i need a few more stickers for the tying area so if you have any give me a mail ......

and the finished product I'm well happy with the layout and how everything has fitted in , i still as i said have a few tweaks to do , as I'm going to change the storage bins to the left of the picture to plastic ones with lids and remove the actual shelves , as this will also give me a bit more storage area , so all that remains to be done now is get some flies tied ......

happy days


(a new cave in Scotland)


mike williams said...

Happy anniversary my friend! Great job with the desk, looks like things are coming together nicely.

Anonymous said...

A very, very fine cave.

kieron said...

First of all Happy Anniversary! I like how easy going your wife is! Im sure your a very lucky guy having your toys out in your bedroom!

Your fly tying cave is great! How I would like something like this... I have a small area with a few Fly tying bags and a B&Q tool storage box..

I hope you don't mind but it has give me inspiration to write a similar blog post on my blog.

Does the cork board have a back? Or are your tools just pushed through?

dave lindsay said...

cheers kieron yea shes a cool chick for a redhead ..... the cork board dosnt have a back to it and write away fella