Saturday, 20 August 2011

sometimes it just dont go your way

i had a phone call from a fella i supply flies to who just happens to own his own fishery "Dave can you do me some flee" well yup i could so i duly set to making 50 flies that he wanted to put into fly kits , when they were ready i phoned him up and said i could deliver them out to our usual meeting place (a supermarket car park) no bother he says how does Thursday sound , great for me as i had a day off from work , so when he said well you may as well come up and fish then in in that case .......errrr doesn't take much working out that one I'm there

so my big boat box was left behind and i chose just a few boxes with some choice patterns , and a single rod , i planned to not go out on a boat and just explore around likely looking spots casting a fly wherever i felt looked fishy , well the place ain't got a massive amount of features so it can be chuck it and chance it and the forecast wernt too bad so a few hours would do me fine before i had to head back into Edinburgh to work

when i arrived the water was like glass flat calm with the odd trout on the surface , whenever I'm faced with water like this the first thing i always want to do is chuck on a sub bug i mean how could you not want to fish the surface on a day like this ........

i decided first up not to use the sub bugs , the main reason is id forgot to bring them "duh" so i chucked on a silver and red big flashabou pattern that I've done really well on up here before , so i stuck it on an intermediate line and set to casting around , after a few casts i had a couple of pulls next to the stick in the water , i actually saw the little jack roll in the water , you know that thing were you catch a glimpse of gold after a short tug ......still gets the old adrenaline going

i tried in the spot for around 30 Min's but to no avail , i mean not that i minded how could you get annoyed not catching fish in such stunning surroundings , but i decided to move down to an area where theres sometimes a shoal of perch and of course where theres prey theres predators

dispite my best efforts and concentration on this spot for an hour i didn't even have a tug , i did try a few differnt flies but nothing was doing the job here , i even had a couple of hill walkers sit and watch me for for 5 Min's but they then left very upset that i hadn't caught 20 salmon and kept them amused while they sat and watched ........

so i gave up on this spot and decided to head round to the other side of the loch and actually it was just as well i did as this big bugger of a rain cloud was starting to head my way and i really didn't fancy getting soaked through ..............looks like a big fat tornado welcome to Scotland in the summer

id been trying some red and white patterns with various sink rates and with the water over this side being a bit cloudy i also had a bash with a classic orange and chartreuse pattern but nothing seemed to be doing the trick , i suspect that with the bad weather heading in the pike may have been put off a bit as something was up as all action had stopped completely , even the daft rainbow trout had not tried it on . so i dug deep in my box and found one of ken capseys designs in the form of a big muddler headed surface fly of course id added my own take to it as we as fly tiers do ......

so the water i was fishing was not very deep so i just kept the intermediate line on and fished it kinda boobie style although it was still on and just below the surface becuse it was quite shallow , well i chucked it out and managed to miss a bloody fish twice , i thought i may be able to tempt it again so i stuck the video on just goes to show there not always way out in front of you ......anyway above is what i captured

after i shot that bit of video the rain decided to come down so i decided to head back to Edinburgh and i may just have enough time to go home first get something to eat and get changed before i head to work ..... the fly above is the fly that got the old heart racing and i really enjoyed fishing it , thanks to my brother ken for the inspiration on that one.


so as i headed back the heavens opened and it came down like a monsoon i did get some strange looks as i boarded the bus but hey i get strange looks even if I'm not holding a rod , you know I'm the guy that is always sitting next to the only free seat on the overcrowded bus so you get used to it , i actually managed to get home with 5 Min's spare before i got the bus back to work , i didn't even have time to change so i headed out the door i my fishing clothes and a cold hot dog in my hand , yea nobody sat next to me on the way to work either


all in all still a great day


a cave in Scotland

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