Friday, 16 September 2011

gliss n glint plus and diamond hard uv


well that's what i thought when i got a package through the door yesterday with a nice diamond hard UV resin kit from now i use various epoxies and i indeed if you read my blog regularly you will know i also have a UV drying case that i can put multiple flies on so i was keen to try just one of these torch kits .......


the one thing that really shocked me was when doing some research into the torch i found a UV torch that was exactly the same for a wallet breaking £47.00 pounds the guys at deercreek do there torch as a stand alone product for £19.99 and you can actually buy the whole kit from deercreek at £29.99 . im really shocked at difference in price on quite a few sites you cant buy a branded kit for any where near that money , so hats off to deercreek for not ripping people off and another reason why i support cottage industry , shame on the others

what i wanted to do was 2 things with the diamond cure , i wanted to A- see how it worked just for sticking eyes to flies and B - how it did a full UV head covering the eyes . the first thing i noticed with the torch when placing eyes on was how easy it was to do and a firm bond was easily achieved , the one disadvantage of uvs though is that you don't have the option to re adjust the eye position which you can do with 5 min epoxy but that's a small thing and if you get the position correct in the first place then it shouldn't even be a problem , of course you may wish to stick them down with something like croc glue first if doing a full head .......

i then tried to do a full head covering the eyes and giving it a solid lightweight head , the first thing i noticed was that how fast it cured 3.2 seconds with the ultrafire torch quite incredible and very easy to work with .

as i said above it is very easy to use the 15ml applicator bottle makes getting the right amount where you need it a very easy job (see above) without the pointless need for lots of different applicator caps and replacements are only £4.99 the bottle size is ideal for the desktop fly tier all in all a very nice user experience
after applying the diamond hard resin in between the eyes i then five it just a few second (3 to be exact) and the head is solid well im not surprised with the power of the light , all in all im very impressed with this and to honest i thought i wouldn't like using a torch but im now a convert , of course ill still use all my other epoxy products because i have uses for all of them . this like croc glue will be another that i will find myself using every day, wonderful product , my next plan is to cook up some UV resin sandeels for an up and coming trip i think this kit will do the job brilliantly .
breaking news
HOT NEWS, Internationally famed Irish A.P.G.I.A. leader, Lawrence Finney recently tried Diamond Hard after every other similar product & was "gob-struck" by just how good it is. This came after Lawrence had issues with a different UV resin.
All his buzzers he tied for a customer all stuck together.

On showing it to several other A.P.G.A.I. members, who were more than a bit sceptical. They ordered it on-sight.


if you wish to see more or order the full kit (at that price you'd be daft not to) click on the picture below

(dont people be fooled into buying other overpriced uv kits this stuff is rock hard and tack free)


flying the colours

i also got through some new colour of angelhair type flash in a lovely rainbow trout colour from deercreek this was just a sample pack and will be available through nick in a few weeks (ill blog when its available ) unfortunately i was only able to do a couple of flies with it as it was a only a sample , i really look forward to tying some more up when its available .

i really enjoy tying with gliss and glint plus as you get some fantastic looking flies and the flies I've posted on the blog today are in fact only tied up with one colour and that's white (with the exception of the purple flash) I've used sharpie and pro markers on the fibers to create some great looking flies the fiber itself takes on the pen colour very nicely and doesn't lose colour in the water

so instead of tying lots of different colour fibers into a fly just try tying in one colour i.e white and then go to town with the coloured pens quite amazing what you'll come up with and you don't need to be any kind of artist to do it it , its not that hard to add some stripes or spots give it a go .

gliss and glint plus isn't expensive just £2.69 for a generous hank and if you use it sparingly with another colour you can get half a dozen large pike flies out of it just remember with this material less is more

if you want to try gliss and glint plus you can get it from the link below

if your out and about have a great weekend and remember support cottage business


(a cave in Scotland)

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e.m.b. said...

Great looking flies...and I love using Loon's UV here in Colorado. I too always think "Merry Christmas" when I get a package in the mail. Cheers!