Wednesday, 7 September 2011

rods and flies

been so bloody busy yet again this week , have so many flies to do , writing to do and a particularly cool fishing trip to try and plan for both salt and fresh water on the same days 2 days running more about that after i do it but im very excited about it as the saltwater mark i couldn't get anybody interested in going as they said there was no fish there ahhhhhhhh how do you now you haven't fished it , i have and i caught fish there but only scratched the surface there , there a world full of armchair anglers who will happily fish your spot once you've done all the leg work , luckily Ive found somebody just as daft as me to do this so that's one to look forward to next month

my brother ken over at pike adventures is always going on at me to tie up flies with naturals as he says its what i do best , and to be fair i have let natural fibers slip a bit by the wayside for no other reason than that there's some much new and exciting stuff in synthetics out there , so i set to work on some killer nearly all natural flies , these are basically split tail flies that you may normally see on tarpon flies but ken has done so great stuff with these and i also have done not to bad on them so i just pike sized them and there ready to go

these flies are all made with premier materials and will shortly be available in premier kits from watch this space and these will be strictly limited edition so you'll need to get in there fast watch this space .

i have also designed these flies so they will also be happy in saltwater so great for the occasional saltwater angler again although they are tied on saltwater proof hooks it always worth keeping you used flies separate from unused flies and wash em down with fresh water when you get home .....


Specifications (built for tropical saltwater fishing and immensely powerful in the butt)
9 foot length
4 sections
Full wells cork grip Alloy reel seat,
up locking.
Fighting butt.

9/10 wgt line

this rod is a very nice bit of kit 4 piece which is easily better for traveling than 2 or 3 piece rods and I've never suffered from having a 4 piece , the thing i like about this rod is that it is very forgiving in its action and would be fantastic for a first time angler the line up dots make getting your rings lined up an easy job if your in a hurry the other thing strangely enough is the fact it also has a fly keeper ring which is always a bonus , im constantly amazed at the fact that you can pay 400 /500 / or even 600 quid for a fly rod and the thing dosnt come with a keeper ring .


the rod is rated for a 9/10 wgt line although i think you could easily fish an 11 wgt on it although 10 wgt is amble for pike but its nice to have that option , the day i fished it i had a rather bracing wind in my face and i was pleasantly surprised when my Rio pike/musky line coupled with a big 9 inch deercreek gliss n glint baitfish cut through the wind no problem and got me a good line out , i managed to bully a couple of fish up around the 8/9lb mark and to be honest they didn't stand a chance on this rod , which is good as you want to get them in as fast as possible , i look forward to getting something a bit bigger on it to really put its through paces , i also look forward to getting out into the saltwater with it as i think it will perform brilliantly ...

retail on this rod is £165.00 including UK post and packing (overseas buyers just get in touch with them for a price) and to be honest that's a heck of a good price for a rod of this quality
if your interested in purchasing this snazzy bit of kit then mail Simon direct in the UK here

Simon also does a very neat line in kayaks so if you fancy one contact him on the email above and he also does kayak courses for anglers check his site out at (click the pic)

so see ya all soon

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