Tuesday, 18 October 2011

cold days and new ideas

i have no problem with asking for help if i don't know how to do something hell that's how you learn things helped enough people in my time and don't mind doing that at all . so when it came to thinking about a new idea i needed help , you see id seen a video on you tube with a chap using lead head jigs (no not on the fly) and the chap in question had used a stinger hook for these walleyes and actually did a great job on catching those short biting fish ,.

well I've had that very same problem before with predators you know so i got to thinking about incorporating this into some of my flies , i thought this would work very well with my sub bugs , trouble was i had no faith in the holding power of the stinger hook i just couldn't get it out my head that the connection would break on a decent fish , with that in mind there was only one thing to do , in times of indecision a call to my my redneck brother ken capsey at pike adventures was the the only option as he uses the very same stinger hooks on some of his flies .

after a skype video call with brother ken and a nifty little demo and some choice words from him (glue the crap outta it dude) i watched him do a test on the stinger loop and yup im convinced a fish and gonna break it

so lay down a bed of thread , i just use a normal sewing cotton

now as brother ken says glue the crap outta it , this will completely seal it and make it rock solid

using a stiff plastic coated wire tie in one side to the side of the hook shaft , then slip on your stinger hook and whip the other length of wire to the shaft , pinch both pieces of the wire together at the rear of the hook and whip down so the loop sits directly out from the back and not flat , this will mean you hook will sit properly and not to one side

the finished sub bug with a small stinger hook , I've gone for a small circle hook as circles are really the dogs rowlocks when it comes to hook ups and really its the ideal thing to use i think and you'd be able to get away with using smaller sizes of hook and being assured your not going to compromise on the hook up strength

this bug is designed more on ken capseys sub bug head over mine as kens heads seem to get the fly deeper on a floating line whereas mine will just trip under the surface , it all down to the packing of the hair but anyway i went with a smaller packed head and plastic eyes to give it a cool glide-bait action

the business end yea im liking that

the finished fly looking great in my book and hopeful it will fish like i think it will. test day coming up and i think ill do a few more just to make sure

i was tying some flies up the other day and i got this particular fly down to being tied up in 2 Min's yes just two Min's so thought id share this really quick tie fly with you the possibility's are really endless when it comes to colours so knock yourself out and have fun with it , the video takes 8 Min's but that's because im talking through it but you get the idea , feel free to share this as with my other videos on your blogs or website , just let me know where there going

have fun if your out and a massive thanks to ken for the walk through and settling my mind


(a cave in Scotland)


Jeff said...

If you want some extra security then run the wire through the eye of the hook and back down the hook shank. It won't pull out even without a lot of glue.

dave lindsay said...

thanks jeff great idea

pikepicker said...

great post bro!