Wednesday, 26 October 2011

halloween and cool stuff

if your one of these people that have a funky iPhone and are a pike angler then check out deercreek very cool iPhone cover they also do them in trout and rainbow trout , i for one cant be trusted with mobile phones as they usually end up in the bottom of a boat covered in water (q my trip with bother ken over at pike adventures ) so i limit myself to 10 quid/dollar pay as you go phones which incidentally i think were made with the angler in mind , if you haven't yet lost a phone by it either falling out your vest while wading , over the side of a boat chinning a fish , or falling out your bag into a pool of water at the bottom of the boat (cough cough) then its only a matter of time .

so its that time of year when shop start to stock Halloween stuff , now im not really big into it in fact its only in recent years that the UK has decided to do the American full on festivities with it strangely enough we don't get trick or treaters round my door but then that could be something to do with answering the door the year before in a loin cloth and with an axe in my hand ..

but it does present a few possibilities for the pike fly tier in the form of materials like Christmas presents us with lots of sparkly flashy stuff halloween usually presents us with synthetics .


and so today id just picked up my son from school and i head to head to the supermarket for a few provisions and as i walked down the frozen chicken isle i spotted a display off witches wigs

and a rather fetching young lady on the front a bonus , now this stuff is made from the same stuff as a lot of synthetics and it cost me 3.00 UK pounds for this wig and the stuff is around 15 inches long so quite good value for money , this one is black and was the only colour they had but no doubt if id looked around the town center i could have found different colours

just to show you how much stuff there is in one of these wigs I've placed a tin of tuna (line and pole caught) on top and as you can see there is plenty, and as i needed to do lots of black flies i guess i struck lucky .

watch this space for some flies im going to tie with it tomorrow and remember next time the wife wants you to go shopping head along with her you never know what you'll find

tight lines


(a cave in Scotland)

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