Friday, 6 January 2012

the art of crossover flies and memory loss

Crossover flies
(The art of flies for everything)

So what is a crossover fly well it’s pretty much any fly that can be used for pretty much any species salt or fresh water, in the uk we don’t have nearly the same amount of species that our fluff chucking long lost relatives across the pond have and to be honest if your fly fishing for anything other than trout or salmon in this country your still regarded as a bit of a freak by both game and trout anglers, luckily opinions are changing although I still get a few odd looks

Colours can be really whatever you like and this colour above does work very well in the salt water especially for Pollock I’m not sure if the combo of yellow and black is something the fish associate with a food source in the sea, I’m not sure but this has always been good for me around rock marks , but then really we don’t really for sure know what colours a fish sees in the water so for all I know it could be the perfect imitation of a baby fish I really don’t know but it works so that’s the main thing . I’m also guessing from experience that this would do well for smallies as well.

Crossing over

So from small 1/0 saltwater flies I know ramp it up to a 4/0 pike pattern basically the same pattern but all ive done is tied it with more bucktail to give it bulk and uv creeked a set of eyes on to make it more baitfish like, but you really don’t need to it will still catch fish without the additions , so with this plucky alrounder there a million colour combos you could use so you can match the hatch pretty much with any localized colours , of course the other thing is you can churn out loads of them as well in a very short space of time check the video below to see how to make em …….

Back to monsters

I’m a member of a great American fly tying forum and the hot core fly I do raised a few eyebrows and I had a few questions coming forward about one particular fly so rather than spend hours typing away , which to be honest cuts into my tying time I decided just to do a video (below) seemed to be the easiest way although why on earth it takes nearly 2 hours to upload a video that just under 10 mins long is beyond me maybe I’m doing something wrong bloody technology …….anyway here it is

"And remember folks every time you click on the video I get money for it so that will be only another 100 million plays and I can buy the family a snickers bar to share"

My day starts slowly

You know it’s so bloody cold just now I sometimes have to work myself up into the Zen state for tying so normally what I do is tie something completely different up to my normal monster baitfish , so I sat at the vice today and remembered that I had had a drunken skype video call with brother ken from pike adventures and we had decided to tie something up now the problem was I can’t actually remember what id talked to him about so ken apologies brother we will need to re schedule whatever it was …lol
So I decided to to tie up something else in the absence of memory and headed down the route of getting my perch box for summer up and running so I decided to warm myself up with a cruncher pattern with rubber legs I know for a fact that this will catch fish , its one of those patterns that when you make it and look at it in the vice you think mmmm yup that’s gonna work , its pretty much just a long shanked streamer hook cone head , rabbit fur dubbing and some green and orange sparkly dubbing throw in a couple of rubber legs and hey ho cool pattern …
im off just now to watch what looks like its going to be a very cool dvd called the dead drift from stealth films ill report back with a review in the next few days I flick it on when I got it and the film looks stunning crystal clear water and big browns .

Of course none of this helps when you can’t get out to fish but hey soon

(a cave in Scotland)

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