Sunday, 15 January 2012

breamer streamer and fly storage


For me it’s always been a problem finding the right storage for flies and for many and may I say I’ve been quite happy with the finsport wallet above especially when I’m traveling light but it does have its limitations when it comes to the likes of deer hair or bulky patterns , you see this wallet I think was always designed with the saltwater angler in mind and smaller patterns so when you get to using big flies for pike , once you get a few in the wallet it tends to start bulking up a little too much for my liking although that’s just a personal thing , but when you start chucking deer hair patterns like sub bugs into then it causes a slight problem as it starts to squeeze the deer hair out of shape which doesn’t look too hot to be honest so I started to look around for a suitable replacement that I could but in my boat box (I will still use the finsports though especially when I saltwater fishing as they are perfect for that , no metal parts to rust

One two 3 lock box

I was out with the wife shopping last week and I came across a very cool storage box that looked almost identical to my plano box that I have in my boat box so I picked a couple up as they were fairly cheap and quite sturdy as well and I was pretty sure they were the same size as the planos, I stood and held one staring at it for what must have been quite some time as an assistant came over and asked if I was ok and could she get me chair , she soon buggered off when I said no thanks dear I’m just looking to see how many flies I could get into it , god knows what she must have thought as she walked off probably I was breeding blue bottles or something ………oh well

So the insides of the box have lots of little compartments, these spacers just lift out giving you multiple compartments of whatever size you like

Ok so below is 7 of my original foam filled video boxes from my boat box and believe it or not the entire contents of those boxes fits into one box (above) I was pleasantly surprised because it means that I can now take even more flies fishing with me whoop whoop …. Anybody who knows me will know exactly how much I enjoy testing flies in the water watching them do their thing and when I catch fish on them well even better , but I got to say I was quite surprised at the amount I got into one box

Whats in the box -Regular readers will know this is how my boat box usually looks I have lots of flies stuck on foam on the inside the reason for this is that these are flies I use regular and this was the flies I was using deeper at the end of last season when I get back out I will probably use the same stuff as here but with a few new patterns (the breamer streamer. later in this post) and as the temps warm up ill have a load of sub bugs on there as well I usually then have two set ups on the boat one being a floating outfit especially for subbuggin in shallower water. Well it would be a crime not too

so back to the boxes as you can see I’ve cleared all the video boxes out and replaced them with the bigger storage option and actually it does and will make things a lot more tidy and organized on the boat for a change and I will actually be buying another couple to use .
I will still be using the other boxes and wallets and to be honest I can’t bear the thought of an empty box lying there without flies in so by the time you read this ill have already started to fill them with spares , not that my flies fall apart or anything its just that I do tend to give a lot away to people on the bank and to boat partners in fact one boat partner never buys flies as he says its bloody pointless when he’s fishing with me ……ha

( a new colour added to the gliss and glint plus range)

I got sent this new colour to have a look at and give an opinion on and as soon as I took it out the packet I thought mmmmmmm that would make a nice skimmer bream pattern or I may even stretch to a smelt pattern for bass in the surf, of course soon as I start thinking that I just have to go and start tying stuff up hey sorry it’s in my blood got to be done , I can really see me doing a lot of combos with colour and flash I really like it a lot

It has a lovely almost pearlescent flash running through it along with some thicker strands of what looks like gold crystal flash I don’t know but I do know it looks bloody good and will really look great in the water


The first one off the line and although not quite a bream in shape it really does look like a very appetizing baitfish and believe it or not took me around 3 mins to make this 7 inch snack, the belly is just a plain white gliss and glint plus and the top is breamer streamer I’ve also added for extra real effect some deercreek gator eyes, the hook is a bog standard 6/0 octopus hook available from pretty much anywhere , the other thing I like about this colour combo is that it looks like a dying fish you must have all seen at some point a dead or dying small shoal fish floating past you I think this colour is being added to the range around about now so if you want to order some head on over to and give nick a mail if you want to purchase these very fly’s ready-made they will be with nick as limited editions hopefully by the end of this week.

with very little actual fishing happening for me just now due to family and weather im most certainly looking forward to a few weeks’ time when I can actually get out and throw some fluff it does get very frustrating when you make up some killer fly’s and you can’t get out to fish them but will be soon enough when I get some more rod bending action like below in the meantime I’ll just keep churning them out at the vice

if you fancy a bargain head over to they have their Jan sale on just now and there is some bargains to be had , although one thing you won’t find on pretty much any fly tying site is human hair well let me explain , sometimes my wife goes a bit mental and decides to cut her own hair (don’t ask she’s a redhead) so while she wasn’t looking I collected up all the bits and stored them away . well I finally got them out the other day and made this little baitfish on a 6/0 hook ok maybe not so little


Its named after a night on the beer not anything to do with my wife honest (if she’s reading this) , you see it’s supposed to be true that women catch bigger fish something to do with pheromones apparently and there is indeed reports of ladies indeed catching massive fish so who knows maybe there’s something in it , and I’ll be putting it to the test with this fly in the future , and if it turns out to be true then many wife’s across the country may go suddenly bald overnight viva the revolution

(a cave in Scotland)


Clif said...

that turned out really nice there fluff meister. The largemouth here love those eight-inch silver shiners. Good looking stuff.

Fishtec blog said...

Some cracking little ideas there with the storage and flies D'!

Fishtec blog said...

Some cracking tips there regarding storage etc D'! Love the new fly ideas too..