Sunday, 1 July 2012

at last a blog post

New stuff
I’ve had a very busy time lately so much to do and trying to get some fishing in as well this has proved near impossible with absolutely awful weather in the uk and next week is forecast to be really awful with bucket loads of rain and a healthy lot of wind it isn’t looking great for next week either so it’s been many an hour at the vice knocking out a few patterns for when I do finally get out.
I decided to delve into the gliss and glint plus box and pull out a few a smelt type pattern came together quite easily after seeing nick from deercreek doing a rather funky similar pattern and I thought I could do something similar but ramp it up a bit and I came up with the smelt pattern below quite funky I thought not only as a pike fly but as a saltwater pattern as well especially for seabass I think it would do ok.

 I have loads of bags off gliss and glint plus that have only small hanks in them so it’s nice to rather than not do anything with them and leave them where they are to seeing what colours you have and what you can do with them so I stuck some odd purples and blacks together added a few spots and produced a rather natty rainbow trout well the bits are better stuck on a hook than left in a bag

I have also been mixing a few things up this week by adding synthetics to natural materials the fly below is one such creature, the inner body is a white gliss and glint plus, over the top I have some long grizzled metz feathers and hollow tied bucktail the whole point of this is to give just a little bit of glint in the water matched with a nice movement think I nailed that with this …….

  Ive also got asked to make some carp flies this week for the chaps over at of course I have a few more patterns to do but ive started them of with some of my well popular maggots these are just nut for not only carop put a massive amount of species watch for more carp and coarse fish stuff soon
I also have a new predator pack of medium sized baitfish patterns, The ultimate medium sized baitfish synthetic pack no matter where you are in the world you are these will catch you fish, tied using only the finest of materials and the best quality hooks this pack represents fantastic value for money doesn’t matter if you fish in lochs, canals, big waters, small waters or even the sea these plucky baitfish will catch predators our flies also utilise the latest technology in eyes and are made by hand in Scotland by me ……. Free spool of Authanic Wire, these are pretty much perfect for any water and if you get this from the guys over predator bite you get a spool of authanic wire free that has got to be worth the money heres the link if you want to have a look ….
Ive also got some very cool new baitfish patterns over at , like the bag o bones below the Bag o bones baitfish is one of those flies that just feels good to fish just sticking it on the hook will fill you with confidence, fish it in any water that holds predators, tied using lightweight synthetics this fly will flutter in the water on a slow strip and pause this really has all the action that drives predators into striking even when there not hungry we use only the finest strongest pike hooks and utilising the latest technology in eye design this is an all-round winner
  The black night (well I am an old rockhead so of course im going to pay the odd tribute to some of my hero’s) The black night is a fly designed to be used in coloured or green water this has always done us well in low visibility conditions but not only that it is equally at home in crystal clear water fished near the surface where it provides a great silhouette from below , black is another underused colour try it out you will be surprised ……of course available over at predator bite
  I put an order for some bits to pike trek and again was very impressed with the speed of the delivery, I ordered a couple of new lines to make a couple of shooting heads and some new colours of body fibre that will keep me busy for a while
Of course I couldn’t help myself I also ordered some of their very nice rubberised eyes well why not , if you haven’t checked them out yet pike trek have a fantastic site for the predator fly fisher fantastic  prices as well
So what else have I been up to, well sorting my perch fly boxes ……no easy task?
More perch flies
Even more perch flies

Ive just got back from the British fly fair where I demonstrating for  so a full report on the adventures next blog and apologies for being a bit slow on the blog just now I have to do some updates on the other websites so thanks for your patience see ya soon
(a cave in scotland)


Col said...

love the first one (and the third) Dave, ive been doing a few similar flies for a trip for bass in a fortnight.

pikepicker said...

Killer work bro now call me!! Lol