Friday, 13 July 2012

great new material

What a fantastic material
Every now and again you come across a really cool material that’s just perfect for pike and predator flies and a material that is easy to use simple to tie with and simply makes fantastic patterns, well I’ve come across a material that does just that it’s from a company called castlefeathers (contact details at the bottom of the page) who I had the pleasure of meeting at the BFFI and shared a stall with them when I was down doing tying demos for deercreek .
The material itself is called micro tinsel and comes in a massive variety of shades and blends that you simply can’t get anywhere else as they are all hand blended to their spec; I’ve tied quite a few flies with the micro tinsel and im very impressed with the results , ive not however had a chance to get them out on the loch yet due to the garbage weather but I have tested them in the bath and they have a very seductive movement in the water that looks very life like so im well looking forward to getting out with them next week I think in the smaller sizes they will be killer for pike.

All the suppliers for materials in the flies below will be at the bottom of the post with clickable links directly to the product obviously feel free to shop around elsewhere if you so wish (you won’t however get micro tinsel anywhere else), if you don’t tie flies or don’t have the time there is a link to buy them ready tied direct from me in Scotland.

Hook – 4/0 longshank Esox 1
Body – micro tinsel lemon sip
Eye- 8mm yellow
Thread - clear mono
Hook – 4/0 longshank Esox 1
Body – back - lemon sip micro tinsel / belly platinum micro tinsel
Eye – 8mm green
Thread – clear mono
Hook – 4/0 longshank Esox 1
Body – back - lemon sip micro tinsel / belly yellow and pearl blob tail tinsel

Eye – 8mm black
Thread – clear mono 
Hook – 4/0 longshank Esox 1
Body – back - lemon sip micro tinsel / belly platinum micro tinsel

Eye – 8mm white
Gill – red permanent marker
Thread – clear mono
And the game carrys on
So of course you can mix it up a bit by using micro tinsel with other materials here’s a few murdich minnows using micro tinsel

Pretty standard pike sized murdich, I’ve used a lemon sip on place off the traditional flashbou that’s normally used  like in the picture below which is a more common murdich although I’ve ramped the size up for pike .
These flies were originally developed for fishing stripers in the states to great success, they were then taken on board by the bass fishers of the lakes again to great effect and only now are a lot of people realising what a great all-rounder this fly is and the progression to a pike fly is of course only natural just ramp the size up , great fly
A slight deviation on the murdich pattern what I’ve done here is replaced the tail with yellow and pearl micro tinsel (doesn’t show to well in the picture) a little bucktail and the head instead of the traditional chenille used in murdichs  ive used piketreks gatso fibre for the head I think it looks like a catcher  
Continuing on the gatso theme I tied up the fly below a very simple and fast pattern to make with the tail being a micro tinsel called rain forrest really nice colour  
Just how easy is it to use and tie with these new micro tinsels well below is a couple of videos I did using it one is a normal sized baitfish and the other is a larger jackpike

Im sure youll agree a really nice material and so many different colours and variations of the blends there really is a colour for everything you could possible imagine have fun with it im sure youll be as impressed as I was
The guys at castlefeathers also do another fibre called blob tail and again ive been doing some very cool flies out of it ill save those for next week’s blog but below is an example of what ive been doing
I’ve also been playing around with some other materials using more natural fibres and generally having a great time to myself in the cave , the weather been so bad hear lately I’ve simply not been able to get out fishing and the one day It did stop raining for 20 mins I was shopping with the wife ……..:-(     But I have some plans in place for next week  
Hookeye and fly
See ya all next weeks with tales from the vice and fishiness
(a cave in scotland)

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