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Another great material part 2
Ok so last week I was warbling on somewhat about a very very new material “micro tinsel” well of course the proof of any new material is in the catching, and a friend of mine (ill not say his name in case he gets embarrassed) was heading sea fishing , so I said pop by and ill tie you a few up to try and well the results are below.

Well im kinda thinking that speaks for it as far as the materials fish catching ability’s go 
And yet another great find
Again from the people at castle feathers comes another amazing material which im really loving and comes again in loads of colours this stuff is called blob tails again it’s a material that they blend themselves so I got the small table out and sat in the living room and picked a couple of colours that I fancied and got to work
Small roach type baitfish was the order of the day so I used a peacock back colour and a silver belly colour flash to produce this fly below which to me looks like it will catch pretty much anything that swims if you ask me I think the red eye is very striking on this and a great target point, the eye and nose has a coat of diamond hard around it, this adds just a little weight that I think will give it a fantastic lifelike dying fish motion in the water irresistible I think 
So after making the fly above I was thinking it was looking really nice so I did another couple but this time I added a red permanent marker tail to them which I really do think seals the deal and im highly confident about catching on them
A slight variation on a theme with the fly below but I’ve used a normal white blobtail belly instead of the silver and ive changed the eye colour oh and its twice the size of the others
Below is the 2 colours that make up the flies above with the exception of the white belly above I’m sure you’ll agree that the peacock colour is very nice
Of course with so many colours to choose from it can be hard to think what to make up but if your short on ideas a basic white or silver belly will match up with pretty much anything you put on the back of it so just have a play around and of course the other thing is you can of course just use it in with other fibres such as ep or piketreks body hair go with what you want to do with it you won’t be disappointed

You can see the cool sparkle coming off the peacock above imagine what that will look like in the water  , so below is a small selection of the colours avalible , you can check there ebay shop for further colours , if you don’t have an ebay account just mail em the email is below

Also out and about this week martin smith who caught this rather nice pike on one of my hotcore patterns which he tied up himself great job martin and a fine looking fish
Ive managed to get out and about this week, there was a break in the weather and I had a small window of opportunity to get out and test some flies out to be honest I was unsure how things were going to work out today as there had been a lot of water going in to the loch with all the rain and this can turn the fish right off , but being out on the water at least gave me a chance of fish even if it’s a crazy assed rainbow trout that usually hit flies up here and can give you a bit of sport on quiet days ……
So I headed to a favoured spot slightly out of the wind but just enough to give us a nice drift and cover some water I started with a small roach pattern as the top of this blog post and put a really long line out after a couple of strips I had the fast hit and bang bang bang thump of one of the venues rainbow trout I actually saw it roll just under the surface as it threw the hook oh well , funnily enough a friend of mine has this strange tradition of , if you lose your first fish of the day then it’s time to go home bad karma ……I’m not really one for superstition so I just carried on fishing.

Just as well really as the next perfectly placed fly was hit by a scrappy jack with a whole lot of bad attitude it’s quite amazing what a fight these fish put up on the fly even the smaller ones give you a real run for your money so confidence levels were high after getting fish early on, the weather was actually ok with cloud cover and a slight ripple which meant I could drift around and cover a lot of water a perfect day for predator hunting
Yup because despite my best efforts and after the first few hits and one fish to the boat things turned a bit strange and the fish switched off , anybody who fishes for pike will know that you get these times when they just turn off and although they seem to turn off you can sometimes force them into a strike and what I did was decide to change area so while I was traveling to the next spot I stuck on one of my trolling flies (ok I use the term loosely) now I know trolling isn’t technically fly fishing although I do cast it out on a fly rod before I troll it but I do think it maximises the chances of getting a bonus fish while moving from area to area and it’s not like I’m rowing around all day trolling the things so as far as im concerned its valid .
Well I managed to pick up one bonus fish and by using a circle hook it was caught right in the jaw I’ll do a blog on the use of trolling flies and circle hooks in the coming weeks which I suspect will be an eye opener especially when you see the flies (cough) …. And that was pretty much it for the day I couldn’t buy a bite after this , the reasons why I really don’t know maybe a low front coming through put them off but we didn’t even have a follow for the rest of the afternoon , strange indeed when I was out a couple of days later and had 13 fish in the boat and at least 30+ follows and nips at the fly
Hookeye and fly
A monster superb pike fly kit
Ok if your in the market for a new outfit or looking to upgrade the we can thoroughly recommend the piketrek offer below , I have been using sabers for many years now and would trade it in for anything else join the revolution
Super value, top quality pike fly fishing outfit comprising everything you need to get out on the bank and enjoy the very best in sport-fishing for pike.
A complete set of the very best equipment available to today's pike fly angler, this outfit is aimed at everyone, whether you are a beginner who wants to avoid the dross or an experienced pike fisher who needs to step-up to some serious equipment.
Entry-level equipment is always a waste of money in my experience as you always end up getting rid of it or storing it in a cupboard, so my own policy has always been to buy the best available right from the start.
Everything in this set has been thoroughly designed, tried, and tested over several years by us lads right here at Piketrek, and it has all been proved to catch loads of pike and provide the ultimate enjoyable fishing experience.
Lightweight and powerful, stylish and effective, totally balanced and extremely crisp to use, this set-up will make light work of chucking big heavy flies around all day long without giving you fatigue or arm-ache! We know....we do it regularly!
Set comprises of the following items, already-loaded and willing to work.....
Pikesaber #10-11 weight four-piece 9 foot fly rod fitted with FUJI guides,
Piketrek Super-Light large-arbour fly reel in Black fitted with backing line,
Piketrek #11 weight-forward floating fly line with nylon leader already attached,
1 x 5 metre spool of Authanic trace wire,
The "Immaculate Collection" set of ten superb pike flies that will catch you pike wherever you go.
 Rod supplied in a cloth bag and a sturdy zippered tube, reel comes already fitted with backing line and floating fly line with mono leader attached, all in a cloth drawstring bag. All you need to do is fit a wire trace and tie a fly on and bang it out! What could be simpler!
The chaps over at predator bite (now fast flies) have some more stocks of my limited edition predator packs these are fantastic value and are hand tied by myself in this country and as with all there flies they are made in the uk  not a mud hut in Africa more should you wish to browse or even purchase some of my art please click the link

See ya all next week
(a cave in scotland)

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