Wednesday, 18 February 2015

DAY 6 .........

DAY 6 

actually its day 7 (i think ) got called into work and work 25.5 hours as somebody was ill , so not being able to use the works computer which kinda left me stuffed for lasts nights post so here it is 

all purpose fresh water baitfish 

hook 6/0
overback - black crystal flash blended with black gliss n glint
throat - red angel hair 
head - epoxy mask 

total length 7 inchs 

ok so tomorrow is the final day and at this particular moment i have no idea what im tying (no pressure then) see ya all tomorrow

big shout out to brother ken in Vermont who emerged from his leach and bean infested swamp to say hi on yesterdays post ........miss my bro get your dumb redneck backside back in the ozone 

a dumb redneck but awesome fly tier 


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