Thursday, 19 February 2015

day 7 - end of days

DAY 7 
end of days

so day 7 and the last day of 7 flies in 7 days (sort off) lost passwords and called into work delayed things ha the best laid plans and all the that blahhh

so the last tie is 
fish head sandeel 

 hook - dai riki 2/0
belly - Icelandic sheep hair (white)
back Icelandic sheep hair (olive)
flash -2 strands of green holographic flashbou
throat - red angel hair 
head - deercreek fish head
thread - clear mono 

 fish slam this fly like the toilet door when the plagues in town , , fish it in the salt or fish it in the river current hung hi so it sits in the current and wait for the slam 

see ya all soon 

( a loveless lonely cave in Scotland)

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