Monday, 9 February 2015

fly fishing community please read

please read and share this on your blog or facebook page lets help barry get his stuff back 

STOLEN... and owner seeks its return! 

During the latter part of the Saturday at BFFI in Stafford some light fingered arse made off with a pack owned by Barry Ord Clarke containing Mustad hooks, part prepared multi-coloured hot melt streamer bodies on hooks, spools of Dyneema, approx. 50 flies tied byBarry and tools including long bladed Petitjean scissors and the dubbing spinner featured in the step-by-step...

The spinner in the picture has two weights but it actually has three as you can adjust the weight of the spinner. It was made for Barry. I suggest that if you are the light fingered lowlife that you return the pack as the dubbing spinner is easily identifiable so you'll never be able to use it without potentially being found out. Anonymously returned to Steve Cooper or to Veniardwill absolve you to some extent... someone may of course have picked it up in error - please restore our faith and return it.

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