Wednesday, 9 February 2011

gurglers and ditch pickles

so yesterday was a bit of a play day really with not a lot to do before i went to work i decided to just do some messing around with some patterns and colours the nick at had sent me some cool colours of gliss and glint plus so thought id just mess and see what happened , actually as it worked out i was quite pleased with the outcome of the pattern below as its a couple of colours i wouldn't have thought about putting together , I'm still wondering if i should put some stripes on it or not mmmmmm maybe just for the hell of it i will to see what it looks like i have a feeling it may work

bit more of a simple long lean high tie to maximise the movement of the materials in the water this blue colours is really nice i suppose a black stripe on this would turn in into a bit of a mackerel bait fish could be good for the saltwater

so nice i ended making 2 of them , looking at them now i think i will stripe these

still mucking about i decided to play with an upside down high tie made from bucktail now although not technically a weed free fly i think it will be somewhat weed free be an interesting one to try , quite large as well tied on a 5/0 hook maybe good for getting in amongst the snags time will tell

pretty much the same fly as above but tied like a normal high tie but I've just added a touch of olive bucktail looking good i think cant go wrong with a bit of bucktail now and again

my mind just before i headed to work started to focus on my trophy acceptance speech for this years ditch pickle classic which in case you don't know is lake Champlain's only bass fly fishing championship i am going over as part of the Scotland/piketrek team which will consist of er me , well actually that's not 100% true as ill be giving my bro ken capsey temporary Scotsman status for the event

so when i was over there last year i discovered the deadliness of the gurgler on the surface for bass man those things go crazy for em and there fun to fish as well as they splat across the surface the takes can be mental , i have to thanks my Friend in Portugal jose for sending me some ready cut foam you a star mate , I've also got a about a zillion ant bodies as well which I've got to make as they are great on the rivers for the smallies

gurglers are really fun to make and to fish ill have a box full to go over with some without weed guards and some with and loads of different colours as well , but this isn't going to be the winning fly the fly that catches the biggest and the most fish oh no I've got a couple of proto types that I've sent to someone who's already caught some bass on , I'm not going to put the picture up of it because it will give the opposition a heads up gurglers will play there part in my game plan

id like to thank Brian and co for organising the event its going to be a blast and the grill up after the tournament will be as good as the pickle itself , and i look forward to seeing some old Friends and meeting some new ones see ya soon fellas
(a cave in Scotland)

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