Saturday, 5 February 2011

move with the groove

those outstanding upright citizens and thoroughly lovely blokes over at sent me an email the other day along the lines of "ah up me duck (derbyshire dialect means hello sire and how are we today) want to try some giant fish gills , well er is the ditch pickle classic 2011 going to be won by a Scot's man , hell yea .
so i get these fantastic looking monster gills through the post and in the words of bevis the redneck cooooooooooooooool , so i set to work , you see as soon as i had them in my grubby little hands i knew what i could do with them and headed straight to the vice .
and a new flee is born the rockhead mk 1 , although I've called it rock head its not really a heavy fly , i know it looks like it but its an illusion created by the fact its a big fish gill a large eye and I've coated it with a thin layer of piketreks mr bond
i say mk one as theres something else I'm going to do to this fly that's quite funky stay tuned next week

as you can see I'm quite rubbish at close ups but you'll get the general idea

OK so the first 2 rock headz are born these are the mk ones the mk 2 will be done next week and if all goes well you will have the fly equivalent of a big jerkbait but with none of the weight who said you cant do big flies for pike baaaaaaa

did a few normal ties this week as well as ill be heading on to a great pike water next week and Stevie my fishing partner will accuse me of cheating if i catch fish on a fly and don't have any for him use i say use i think the term is permanent fixture in his fly box .......:-)

so these are pretty basic flies tied on 6/0 piketrek hooks and coming in at around 7 inch's long with some funky redness under the head to get em going how can i go wrong

so with that i head into the sunset for a few days enjoy the ride and see ya all soon i got some flies to tie and fish to catch
(ditch pickle classic 2011 outright winner )
a cave in Scotland


the lonsome piker said...

Hey Dave, nice flies, man.
If you want better close-ups without using the micro tool on your camera, just take a picture from a distance and then cut it with one of the many programs available. That’s the way I do it. Sometimes it’s more difficult when the fly has a lot of flash material, but by changing the background colour, it’s easy to overcome this problem.

Jose said...

Dave, you rock!! Cooooooool flies! Gonna try to tie some!!

BKill said...

I dig the head. What's the process? Epoxy or one of the new light cure glues? Nicely done ...

pikepicker said...

top work bro........pickerel snacks are top notch as well....yes redneck with scarf some from you of course....

dave lindsay said...

thanks fellas , bkill will do a write up this week for the heads ,

Ryan said...

Those are some sweet looking flies. Nice job!

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