Tuesday, 15 February 2011

time to hunt pike

finally the weather looking good going to be the only bugger on the lake well apart from my boat partner , the place is full of sharp teeth green predators that have a liking on this particular water a perch snack , so I'm ready with the sabers one loaded with a sinking line one with an intermediate that's all that needed , the sinking line isn't really that important its just i need to try a few new boyants out the inti is really all i need this time of year

so box is ready , gear is loaded boxes of flies chosen , yup i really do have to choose what flies i take as you can imagine i do have quite a few to choose from , luckily on this venue i know it quite well and i know what to take to get fish (although it never pays to be to cocky) but i take enough cover most situations , whats harder for me is to head out onto a new venue blind , although i must say i never head out totally blind to any venue i always check out at least what baitfish are in there that's half the battle the other battle is finding where they are especially on larger venues but that's another story , for tomorrow I'm ready

i decided i needed some more perch patterns well i didn't really but you know what its like before you go on a trip mmmmmm better just tie up another 20 dozen just in case

theres gazzions of perch patterns out there and everybody has got there favorite version , and this just happens to be one of mine , i tend to tie different versions some slim some chunky ,no two are 100% the same in my box as ill always mix it up a bit maybe with a different colour eye or a different shade of pen colouring , i like to keep it fresh .

mixing things up can be quite interesting just take a look at the fly above and below they look very similar but although they are the same size and same build there is differences the fly above has orange around the gills and more yellow shading than the fly below the fly below has a red UV gill and red shading , also this fly has a built in rattle and also a touch of red at the tail root OK so only subtle differences but who knows does is make a difference only the fish know that and when you look at it a perch is a perch I'm happy with them and confidence in what your using helps out no end

and so to my crazy redneck brother over at pike adventures I'm sure you all know that he had a bit of an accident with an upside down bottle of half frozen beer and his keyboard well he is at the moment waiting for a new one as soon as hes got it up and running I'm sure its going to be interesting as he has got some cool story's from Florida looking forward to it

so catch up with my antics from tomorrow and hopefully a few fish and remember pike are a delicate fish put them back gently and treat them well and preserve our sport , the only taking you should be doing is with a camera
tight lines Friends
Dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in Scotland)

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the lonsome piker said...

Good luck and tight lines, man.
But are u sure you have enough flies with you in that bag? :)
I think you bring more full fly boxes to the water than other people bring flies.